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    Dive into Our Quack-tastic Black Friday Tubbz Specials!

    This Black Friday, Just Geek brings a feather-filled extravaganza for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Dive into our exciting collection of exclusive offers and deals and start collecting your favourite TUBBZ characters!

    When it comes to these adorable, collectable, cosplaying ducks, you need to ensure that your shelves are stocked with your favourites. Featuring iconic characters from beloved franchises, we’ve paid careful attention to bringing your favourite characters to life in rubber duck form.

    Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of pop culture, there's a TUBBZ duck for everyone.  From gaming legends to cinematic superheroes and beloved TV characters, our TUBBZ Black Friday Specials showcase an extensive range of these quirky collectables, each one featuring intricate details and designs.

    That’s not all! With our Black Friday TUBBZ sale, we’re also offering unbeatable prices, giving you an exclusive chance to expand your TUBBZ collection. Begin your TUBBZ Black Friday shopping and seize our quack-tastic specials now!

    Black Friday TUBBZ: Explore Our Collection

    If you’re a fan of the quirky and the quacky, our Black Friday TUBBZ sale is the best place to be right now. With our mind-boggling collection of collectables where rubber ducks meet pop culture, prepare for your favourite characters to waddle into your heart and onto your shelf! Here’s a sneak peek into our collection:

    Join the spook-busting squad with our special collection of Ghostbusters TUBBZ! From the iconic Marshmallow Man to the fearless Ghostbusters themselves, these ducks are ready to defeat spectral intruders. Each duck is crafted with special attention to detail, adding a touch of paranormal charm to your collection. 

    Hop into the DeLorean and zoom through time with our Back to the Future TUBBZ! Whether it’s Doc Brown or Marty McFly, these ducks bring nostalgia to life. With intricate details, these ducks mirror the magic of the classic movie, transporting you right back to the ‘80s.

    Get ready to embrace the eerie and spooky with our Horror TUBBZ range! From the chilling Pennywise to the ominous Hannibal Lecter, these ducks redefine the meaning of adorable fright. 

    Get ready to make the most out of this special TUBBZ sale and add these adorably spooky TUBBZ to your collection!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Get ready to make the most out of this Black Friday with our TUBBZ Black Friday sale! We offer some of the best deals that combine quality with affordability. 

    Whether you want to add to your current collection or are looking for a present, our TUBBZ ducks are the best choice. Start shopping now!