Illuminate Your Geeky Room With 5 Themed Lights from Just Geek

by Alex Robinson

As an ardent gamer, your gaming space is one the most sacred places for you. If you are looking for unique ways to decorate this space with the perfect dash of creativity and geek, then Just Geek’s geek wall lights are the ideal fit!

Yes, you heard us right! Illuminate your space with Just Geek’s impeccable collection of neon lights and lamps, that will make your gaming space an absolute delight. 

Catering to a wider demographic, our assortment is suitable for different genres. Whether you are a fan of the iconic Harry Potter or everyone’s favourite sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., our range is here for you!

If you need game room lighting ideas, we’ve got plenty! Whether you want a touch of elegance with the Hedwig Perspex lamp or a touch of the Galactic Empire with the Stormtrooper light, our collection of game room lights will brighten up your world.

Are you ready to explore our collection and add the right amount of spark to your gaming space?

Just Geek’s Collection Of LED Game Room Lights

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Room Light

gaming space, Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Lamp at Just Geek

When it comes to game room lights, our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Lamp is the best way to create a captivating environment for your gaming room. 

Designed for ardent fans and collectors of these turtle heroes, our licensed product brings these characters to life in a 3D lamp. Whether you want to place these game room lights at your desk, shelves or wall mount them, our lamps are easy to use and versatile. 

Amplify your surroundings, admire the radiant glow, and revel in the company of your favourite turtley awesome characters. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of TMNT magic that's bound to capture attention by visiting our store today!

2. Jurassic Park Game Room Lights

geek lights, Official Star Wars Stormtrooper Perspex Lamp at Just Geek

Is your room starting to look more chaotic than the Jurassic Park movies? Well, in that case, how about you spice it up with this premium quality lamp and we’re sure your guests will roar with approval. 

This 3D moulded lamp can be mounted on your wall or simply placed on any surface, making it an ideal collectible that every Jurassic Park fan should own. Moreover, it features an accessible on/off switch and can be powered either by 3 x AA batteries or a micro USB cable. This geeky game room light is designed to add a touch of Jurassic Park magic to any room.

Hurry up and visit our store before this runs out of stock! 

3. Star Wars Stormtrooper Game Room Lights 

The epitome of style is here at Just Geek as we proudly present the Stormtrooper Perspex Lamp! Witness the iconic Stormtrooper characters in their full glory exuding timeless beauty and cinematic charm. 

Elevate your gaming space with this striking masterpiece that promises to be the centrepiece of any enthusiast's trove. Whether proudly displayed on a wall, desk, or shelf, this lamp's elegance and impact will captivate all who lay eyes upon it. Don't wait another minute to show your love of the Empire - this lamp is guaranteed to add an epic touch to any space!

4. Harry Potter Hedwig Perspex Lamp

game room lights, Official Harry Potter Hedwig Perspex Lamp at Just Geek

Looking for game room lights that light up your bedroom? Grab the sleek Harry Potter Lamp that features Harry's iconic owl, Hedwig in all glory, looking stunning as always This perspex light promises to be the centrepiece of any wizard's home and can be hung on your wall, displayed neatly on your desk space or a shelf.

5. Hatsune Miku 3D Desk Light

There’s only one icon for the job if your gaming space needs a bit of glitz and glamour! That is none other than Hatsune Miku holding a leek!

With her singing talent, Hatsune Miku is the best idol for the job for those moments when you need to add a bit of life to illuminate your room. This super kawaii 3D moulded lamp can be mounted on your wall or simply placed on any surface. 

An official Crypton product, this piece is designed and engineered by Numskull Designs, making it the ideal collectible that every Hatsune Miku fan should own. Gran yours today!

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