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Fallout TUBBZ

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    5 products
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    Collect Your Favourite Fallout TUBBZ from Just Geek Now!

    Dive into the post-apocalyptic wasteland with our Fallout TUBBZ collection! Get ready to begin your own adventure with our miniature ducks. These ducks may not have survived the Great War, but they sure look like they belong on your desk. From the iconic Vault Boy to the fearsome Deathclaw, you’ll find all your favourite characters from the Fallout universe at Just Geek. Who wouldn’t want a mini version of Dogmeat in duck form? Besides, they may look adorable, but our Fallout TUBBZ are just as tough as the characters they are based on. They may not survive a nuclear explosion, but they will definitely be the star item of your collection. Moreover, these Fallout TUBBZ are perfect for all gamers, regardless of whether you’ve always been a fan or are just starting your Fallout journey. Don’t miss out on this quacking collection! Browse through our TUBBZ range, now!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Get ready to dive into your favourite video game series with our TUBBZ collection! Just Geek is home to a range of different movie, TV and video game characters - in duck form! Whether you’re a Fallout fanatic or a Doom expert, we have something that’ll add some quack to your collection. Whether you consider yourself to be a Vault Dweller or a wasteland wanderer, we’ve got the perfect TUBBZ duck just for you. Besides, our TUBBZ range also makes for the perfect gifting options for your friends! Browse now and start shopping from our Fallout TUBBZ range! Earn Geek Elite points to win exciting discounts!