Lord of the Rings TUBBZ

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    Beyond the lush rolling hills of the Shire, the peaceful valley of Rivendell and the volcanic plains of Mordor lies the pond all Lord of the Rings TUBBZ reside in, awaiting their turn to be chosen to join a loyal fan's collection!
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    28 products
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    Lord of the Rings is one of the best fantasy stories that has captivated readers and viewers alike. The epic storyline, contrasting good and evil has generated a massive fanbase and you may share precious memories with the franchise. To keep your memories fresh, Just Geek presents the Lord of the Rings TUBBZ. These rubber ducks are all dressed up as your favourite Lord of the Rings characters and they are bound to shine in your collection. From the humble Frodo to the wise Gandalf, you can find a wide range of heroes and villains in our Lord of the Rings TUBBZ collection. You’re bound to scream, “My precious!” when we deliver these rubber ducks to your home.

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    If you’re a fan of the timeless classic, you’re in the right spot! Just Geek offers a wide range of LoTR merchandise and collectibles all in one store. If you’re looking to show some love to your favourite franchise, you can get geeky with Just Geek. Find Lord of the Rings TUBBZ and other collectibles from your favourite TV shows, movies, and video games here. We offer these collectibles at their original retail prices, meaning you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. It’s crucial to remember that these LoTR TUBBZ have limited stock, so don’t hesitate and secure your rubber duck ASAP! Don’t miss out and get these Lord of the Rings TUBBZ from Just Geek today!