Jurassic Park TUBBZ

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    Life has certainly found a way—all of your favourite Jurassic Park characters have entered a new stage of evolution as incredible TUBBZ!
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    Get the Jurassic Park TUBBZ at Just Geek Today!

    The mechanical dinosaurs have gone AWOL and the explorers have transformed into ducks! It’s on you to get them out of Jurassic Park and straight into your home. Just Geek offers you Jurrasic Park TUBBZ, featuring iconic characters like Dr. Alan Grant as a rubber duck. Jurassic Park is one of Steven Spielburg’s many masterpieces, but a unique concept makes it stand out. If you love those animatronic dinosaurs, it’s time to show it by getting them as rubber ducks. Fear not, these ducks won’t come to life and hunt you down on an island. Instead, they are simply a great addition to your geek collection.

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    If you’re a fan of Steven Spielberg classics, you’re at the right place! Just Geek offers officially licensed TUBBZ for Jurassic Park. These cosplaying rubber ducks have intricate details, making them look like they may come alive! These Jurassic Park TUBBZ may sell out quickly, so make sure you get your hands on them fast! Just Geek will provide these TUBBZ in brand-new condition, and they’ll be the perfect addition to your collection. We also provide merch and figurines from other Steven Spielberg movies and you can buy them all from our website. If you’re looking to show some love to your favourite dinosaur movie, Just Geek is the best option for you! Don’t miss out and get the Jurassic Park TUBBZ rubber ducks at Just Geek today!