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    Enter the Doom Universe with exclusive TUBBZ from Just Geek!

    Prepare yourself for some demon-slaying fun with our Doom Tubbz collection! Our mini ducks may not be able to rip and tear like the Doom Slayer, but they are simply perfect for your desk or mantel. We’ve got it all - from your classic Doom Guy to the ferocious Marauder, all your favourite characters from the Doom Universe are right here! Wouldn’t you want a mini duck version of the BFG 9000? We sure would. Moreover, don’t be fooled by their appearance. Our Doom TUBBZ ducks are tough. They may not take down the legions of hell, but they’ll hold their own in your collection. Whether you want to add to your collection or are looking for gifting options for a friend, our TUBBZ range is perfect for you. Browse through our Doom TUBBZ range to grab your favourite character, now!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Expand your Doom collection with our TUBBZ ducks! Get your hands on exclusive mini ducks based on Doom’s iconic characters. They not only look cool but are a great way to display your love for the game in a fun way! Moreover, at Just Geek, we make sure to design our ducks to resemble your favourite characters - from their unique outfits to their signature expressions. You won’t be able to tell the difference! Start shopping for your favourite Doom TUBBZ now! Earn some Geek Elite points to get discounts!