Back to the Future TUBBZ

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    When prepping for time travel one requires a waddling companion for optimum efficiency... or so we hear! Check out our amazing Back to the Future TUBBZ collection and choose a beaked buddy to join you on your next adventure!
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    6 products
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    Get Ready to Time-Travel with Our Back to The Future TUBBZ!

    Welcome to the future - or rather, back to the future with our exciting new TUBBZ range! At Just Geek, we understand that time travel is hard, but collecting your favourite collectible ducks doesn't have to be. That is why we bring to you our Back to the Future TUBBZ collection! From the infamous Marty McFly to Doc Brown, all your favourite characters are right here - in duck form! Whether you place them on your desk, your shelf or your mantel, they will waddle through time, taking on the DeLorean. And the best part? These ducks have been made with careful attention to detail to truly reflect the characters they represent. They are ready to take on any challenge you throw their way - from navigating the space-time continuum to defeating Biff Tannen! Channel your inner Mary McFly and add these Back to the Future Tubbz to your collection, today!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Ready to travel through time with our Back to the Future TUBBZ? These ducks are small, but they’re mighty enough to take on any challenge. From battling the Tannen family to navigating the space-time continuum, they're the perfect companions for any time-travelling adventure. Moreover, with our prices, you won’t have to sell your Flux Capacitor to collect them all! If you are a true time traveller, a fan of the movies or looking for gifting options for a friend or loved one, the Back to the Future Tubbz is the perfect addition to your collection. So don't wait for the flux capacitor to charge - get your ducks in a row and start collecting today. The future (and your collection) is looking pretty "ducky".