Just Geek Affiliate Program


Just Geek Affiliate Program

Just Geek is one of the UK’s leading online retailers on a quest to deliver you the greatest TV, movie and gaming merchandise known to humanity.

As quests go, that’s a pretty epic one, indeed.

With the latest in geeky gaming & merchandise and shipping to over 100 countries, there is a reason why we are one of the leaders in gaming & movie merchandise.

What We Offer Publishers


A Just Geek Affiliate is a person or company that lets people know about our awesome products by directing them to our website using special links. If those people end up making purchases, the Affiliate gets a referral commission. The Just Geek Affiliate Program is a relationship that allows you to earn top commissions on products from your favourite fandoms! We supply all the fun toys and collectables on our website and do all the warehousing and shipping work, and the Affiliate helps people find out about the products and earns a commission on each sale.

Our Affiliate Program makes it easy for you to earn a commission for sales that come from your site to ours. By placing trackable hyperlinks to Just Geek on your website or social media account, you earn commissions based on all sales that are generated through these links.

Just Geek is THE leading Internet retailer of action figures, pop culture gifts, toys, and collectables online, so customers are already eager and excited to make their purchases. Our popular brand and huge selection will do all the great selling for you! Our Affiliates also enjoy some of the highest commission rates in our industry, 8%! In addition, In addition to the 1–on–1 support, our Affiliates receive tips on new and upcoming products to promote, receive exclusive product announcements, and are even considered to receive free items for product reviews! And did we mention our entire Affiliate Program is 100% free? Just Geek values its Affiliates, and we take your success seriously.

Our program is free to join, Our goal is to make you money.

We pay our affiliates at the beginning of each month on a rolling 30-day basis and calculate earned commissions based on all the products that were shipped.

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