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    Sneak Your Way in with Metal Gear Solid TUBBZ Today!

    Get ready for your house to be infiltrated with ducks from our Metal Gear Solid TUBBZ collection. These ducks have years of experience in sneaking through enemy bases and the next target is your TUBBZ collection. From the iconic hero, Solid Snake to the menacing Revolver Ocelot, you can find it all here at Just Geek. Don’t miss out on your favourite characters from the Hideo Kojima franchise and get your favourite Metal Gear Solid characters today! Don’t be fooled by their adorable appearance though, these ducks won’t sneak through military bases but they will find their place in your collection. However, once these TUBBZ ducks sell out, you may never see them again. So get them before you yell “SNAKEEEEE”, seeing the sold-out tag.

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Just Geek is the hotspot for video game collectibles like the Metal Gear Solid TUBBZ. We’re an official distributor of TUBBZ, and we can ensure you get these rubber ducks made from the finest quality. However, we just don’t stop at Metal Gear Solid. You can find TUBBZ ducks from your favourite video games, movies, TV shows and more at Just Geek. In other words, you can get these cute rubber ducks cosplaying your favourite characters all in one place. What are you waiting for? Get these unique rubber ducks like the Metal Gear Solid TUBBZ before they sell out at Just Geek today!