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    Get the Jaws TUBBZ from Just Geek Today!

    Beware of the seas! There’s a duck disguised as a shark roaming around. Jaws is an all-time classic movie and rarely disappoints.. If you’re a fan of the menacing shark, we’ve got the best thing for you - “da-da da-da” the Jaws TUBBZ! You won’t need to worry about this shark in your bathtub, because it’s just a cosplaying duck! The Jaws TUBBZ collection features iconic characters from the movie including Matt Hooper and Martin Brody. You also can’t forget the Jaws Bruce TUBBZ, where a duck is cosplaying the iconic shark.

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    While everyone loves a thriller, you shouldn’t live in the fear of the unknown like the fishermen. These Jaws TUBBZ have limited stock, meaning if they sell out you may not find them for a long time. Fortunately, Just Geek have plenty of Jaws rubber ducks for fans of the Steven Spielberg classic. We provide these TUBBZ at the best prices, ensuring their quality is top-notch. We also provide a wide selection of merchandise from Jaws and other pop culture classics. If you’re looking to buy more geeky stuff, Just Geek is the best place for you! Get the shark before the shark gets you! Shop for the Jaws TUBBZ at Just Geek today!