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Stanley Kubrick TUBBZ

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    Embark on a cinematic journey with the Stanley Kubrick Cosplaying Collectible TUBBZ Series, where the visionary director's most memorable characters come to life in an extraordinary new form. This collection pays homage to Kubrick's unparalleled filmography, transforming iconic figures from his masterpieces into charming, cosplaying ducks. From the haunting corridors of the Overlook Hotel with Jack Torrance to the vastness of space with David Bowman, each figure is meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of Kubrick's storytelling and visual genius. Perfect for cinephiles, collectors, and fans of the legendary filmmaker, these officially licensed TUBBZ ducks offer a unique and playful way to celebrate the legacy of Stanley Kubrick. Add these distinctive pieces to your collection and own a piece of cinematic history, reimagined in the most quack-tastic way!
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    4 products
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