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    Finished binge-watching your favourite TV show? Want a quirky new way to treasure your most beloved characters? Check out our charming selection of officially licensed cosplaying duck collectibles—TUBBZ! 
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    25 products
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    Bring Home Your Own TV TUBBZ from Just Geek Today!

    Step into the quack-tastic world of TV TUBBZ! Just Geek is home to some of the most famous ducks on TV - and no, we don’t mean Donald and Daffy. We’re talking about our amazing TV TUBBZ, the collectibles that are so cool, everyone wants a piece of the action. Our TV TUBBZ collection features some of the most iconic characters from some of your favourite shows. From Friends to Star Trek to Stranger Things, we’ve got them all! Moreover, our TV TUBBZ ducks are designed with intricate details so they resemble your favourite character - from their signature outfit to their quirky expressions. But that’s not all! Our TV TUBBZ make for the perfect gift as well. Think about it, who wouldn’t like to receive a mini Joey Tribbiani as a gift, and in duck form as well! It’s like having your favourite TV show character by your side at all times. Browse our collection to shop for your favourite characters!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Do you feel giddy at the thought of having a mini Lucas or Eleven by your desk? How about your very own Rachel, Joey or Chandler? At Just Geek, we have some of the best TV TUBBZ to add to your collection. Whether you’re a true Transformers fan or a Power Rangers enthusiast, we’ve got something for everyone. Besides, let's be real. Who needs a boring old figurine when you can have your very own mini-duck version of your favourite character? It’s like having your own mini TV show on your desk! We mean, could this BE any more amazing? Take a look at our amazing TV TUBBZ collection and grab yours today!