Ghostbusters TUBBZ

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    Look, they may have been turned into ducks but they're still the best for the job when it comes to capturing a spook, specter or ghost! Get your favourite character from our spook-tacular selection of Ghostbusters TUBBZ!
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    20 products
    Ghostbusters Tubbz MINI Slimer
    Ghostbusters Tubbz MINI Slimer
    Official Ghostbusters Slimer Mini TUBBZ
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    Find the Ghostbusters TUBBZ at Just Geek Today!

    Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! (but just transformed into ducks). One of the most iconic franchises that have stood the test of time, Ghostbusters have a special place in our hearts. Diving into haunted buildings and hunting down ghosts, the Ghostbusters are fearless and will take on any challenge. Show your love for these iconic characters and buy from the officially licensed Ghostbusters TUBBZ! Find icons like Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman as rubber ducks at Just Geek! These ducks may not help in fighting ghosts but would be the perfect addition to your TUBBZ collection. Don’t wait for long! Get these Ghostbuster TUBBZ before they sell out at Just Geek today!

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    If you’re a fan of watching people hunt down ghosts, you’re in the right spot! Just Geek offers Ghostbusters TUBBZ and other merchandise so you can show love to the franchise in duck form. Whether you’re a fan of searching for ghosts or not, we’ve got something for you at Just Geek. You can find a wide variety of TUBBZ and other figurines to add to your geeky collection and it’s bound to leave your friends impressed. However, most of these items like Ghostbusters TUBBZ have limited stock and if they sell out at our store, you may never find them again. Ready to bust some ghosts? Get the Ghostbusters TUBBZ before they sell out at Just Geek today!