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    Introducing Horror TUBBZ! A freakish new way to collect your favourite horror movies merch. Choose from a variety of spooky characters, including Dracula, Chucky, The Mummy, The Nun, Annabelle, Leatherface and more.
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    8 products
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    Prepare for a Scare with our Horror TUBBZ Collection at Just Geek!

    Boo! If you are a fan of horrors and like the thrill of a noise in the middle of the night, our Horror TUBBZ collection is made for you. This special collection features all your favourites - from Freddy Kruger to Jason Voorhees and even Chucky! Watch your nightmares come to life as adorable little ducks. But don’t be scared! These ducks are here to add some spooky fun to your display and liven it up. They are cute but more than capable of slashing their way into your heart. If you are a fan of classic horror movies and love the mysteries of the night, start collecting our Horror TUBBZ ducks. Besides, these little ducks are also the perfect gift option for a horror fan in your life. Besides, if things get too scary, you can always call on our Ghostbusters TUBBZ to save the day. Browse through our collection, now!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Ready to bring the horror home? We’re talking about our Horror TUBBZ ducks! Whether you are a fan of slashers or haunted houses, these ducks will definitely add some spooktacular fun to your display. And let's be honest, they're way cuter than any monster under the bed. But be careful - they may look cute but they’re still killers (or ghosts, or demons!). So if you’re truly ready to face your fears, start adding our Horror TUBBZ to your collection! Shop now to earn Geek Elite points and win exclusive discounts!