Happy Bungie Day!

by Peter Bollons
The day of Destiny’s divine deity has dawned—Bungie Day is officially upon us!
For those of you out of the loop, Bungie Day was created by their loyal community and falls on the seventh day of the seventh month due to seven being the developer’s favourite number. This fondness has since materialised in their games with the obvious and the not-so-obvious references present throughout their levels, lore and more!
Many fans continue to attempt to delve further in their search for the reason seven remains Bungie’s favourite number and if there is (if any) major significance. Some state it’s simply seen as a lucky number in the West, others claim there could be a deeper reason for this numerical trend… we’ll probably never know! In any case, here’s a selection of seven kinds of must-have Destiny merchandise you can find at Just Geek in honour of Bungie!

7. Destiny Sunglasses

Destiny Sunglasses

Guardians, it’s summertime—if you’re not rocking some Destiny shades to add some outer space style to your outfit for a fleeting walk in the sun before proceeding to rush back and continue raiding, then you certainly should be.

6.Fallen In Love’ T-shirt

Destiny Fallen Baby T-shirt

If the sunglasses aren’t enough and you want to zap some extra Destiny into your wardrobe, might I suggest this slick t-shirt featuring none other than the cute Fallen Baby itself! Not only will this look great while out in the sunshine, but it’s also glow-in-the-dark so you can look a little bit cooler on those evening strolls.

5. Destiny Plushies Range
Destiny Plushie Range

Check it out! Ikora, Zavala, Cayde-6, Servitor and yes, that is a Fallen Baby plush! What better way is there to settle in for a night hunting down the Fallen, the Hive and other intergalactic enemies than with your very own merry band of soft and squishable plushies by your side?

4. Destiny TUBBZ
Destiny Tubbz

Likewise, for anyone craving some truly unique mascots for their ventures across the galaxy then look no further than our range of quacking TUBBZ featuring popular characters such as Eris Morn, Cayde-6, the Drifter, the Stranger and even Lord Shaxx!

3. Replica Helmet Range
Destiny helmets
Okay, a show of hands for anyone who doesn’t want seriously cool replicas of Destiny helmets? That’s what I thought. (Yes, this is an online blog in which I can’t actually take a physical vote of hands and yet, I’m choosing to ignore that) Now take a look at these helmets and tell me you don’t want at least one of them.

2. Destiny Statue Range
Destiny Statue Range
I highly recommend making some room on your shelf and/or inside your display cabinet right about now because once you lay your eyes on the range of Destiny statues created by Numskull Designs, you’re going to need it! With the likes of the Stranger, the Drifter, Lord Shaxx and—wait for it— Savathûn, the infamous Witch Queen finding themselves recreated with breathtaking detail and paintwork that will make your heart leap with joy, snagging one of these premium statues will surely raise your collection to the next level.

1. Hive Worm plush

Wriggling into first place from the Darkness, the Hive Worm joins its fuzzy Fallen Baby counterpart with this fantastic new plush! Featuring an adorable design and soft-to-touch fabric with detailed embroidery that makes even an ancient parasite look huggable, this collectable plush also has glow-in-the-dark eyes! Hello?! GLOW-IN-THE-DARK EYES! Plus, as of right now if you pick up this little guy with one of our Destiny Tricorn snapbacks, you’ll get 50% off the cap. I rest my case.

Want to see more Destiny products? Or maybe you have your eye on something else? We have all you need at JustGeek.com with a huge selection of the very best TV, film and videogame merchandise at a price you’ll love.

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