3 Figurines You Need to Have as a Super Mario Bros Fan!

by Alex Robinson

If you’re a 90’s or 00’s kid - or ever had a Gameboy or Nintendo - you know and have played Mario. The iconic Italian plumber is amongst Nintendo’s most beloved mascots and has dominated video games for children and adults for decades. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the original Super Mario Bros on the NES or have come on board in the midst of the Mario movie hype (the 2023 version, not 1993 cult classic!), the plumber is loved by all. Whilst you may have played all the Mario video games or watched the shows and movies, you need something to show your love for the Nintendo’s icon.

To help you out, Just Geek offers a wide range of Mario collectables and figurines you’d love to add to your collection. Whether you’re looking for something premium or something that’s more budget-friendly, we’ve got you covered. 

However, with an overwhelming amount of options on our website for Super Mario Bros figurines, you may find it difficult to choose one. To help you out, we’ve made a list of our favourite collectables from your favourite Nintendo franchise. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Mario Kart Statue


“Wahoo!” - whether the iconic battle cry is music to your ears or a reminder of Mario Kart arguments, this collectible is a must-have for fans of Mario Kart. This figurine made by First 4 Figures is a high-quality PVC collectible, and is based on the iconic pose when Mario wins a race in the Mario Kart video game. 

This figurine is one of our favourites from the Just Geek website because it’s filled with tiny details, bringing everyone’s favourite Italian plumber to life. The statue is intricately designed, adding more depth to the minute details. You can stare at this Mario Kart figurine for hours and still find something new and interesting about it. 

Choose between two variations for this figurine on Just Geek - the standard and Collector's Editions. With so many more features and details, the Collector’s Edition is our personal favourite. 

You can pre-order these figurines from Just Geek, but we only have limited stock. Get them before they sell out! Otherwise, you may struggle to find them anywhere else. 

2. Official Mario and Yoshi Statue


Yoshi is Mario's trusted companion and has helped the Italian plumber out ever since he was a baby. Even if you let Yoshi fall into oblivion (multiple times) in Super Mario World, we all love the green Koopa. 

To show some appreciation for the bond between Mario and Yoshi, we present you our premium collectable from Sideshow and First 4 Figures. This figurine shows the Italian plumber riding the little Koopa. This figurine is filled with fine details and is something you should have in your collection, especially if you’re a fan of the SNES game. 

The figurine shows Yoshi in his iconic pose, happily letting Mario ride on his back. It signifies the journeys they’ve been together to save Princess Peach. The figurine is massive, standing at 19” and is bound to become a centrepiece of your collection. 

However, it should be noted that the figurine has limited stock, and you may not find it again once it disappears from our store. Don’t miss out and get the Mario and Yoshi Statue from Just Geek today! 

3. Cat Luigi with Super Bell


We can’t end this article without showing love to Mario’s taller brother Luigi. Loyally accompanying his brother throughout his adventures, Luigi has gained his own loyal fanbase. 

That’s why we present the official Cat Luigi from Super Mario 3D World as a figurine in Just Geek. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing the green plumber in a cat costume, accompanied by the super bell. 

This collectible comes with the freedom to move his arms and legs in this one of a kind figurine. In other words, you can get him to do your favourite pose before you add him to your collection. The figurine is comparatively tiny at 4 inches but is bound to be a great addition to your shelves. 

Get Mario Figurines and Merchandise at Just Geek Today!

This sums up our guide for the best Super Mario Bros figurines available at Just Geek. However, this is just a taste of the geeky goodness you can find on the Just Geek website. You can find a wide range of Mario merchandise and more to show your love for your favourite video game series. 

Looking for something else with your Super Mario Bros figurines? We sell a wide range of geeky products from your favourite video games, TV shows, movies, and other pop culture sources. In other words, if you’re a fan of pop culture, you’re bound to find something cool at Just Geek!

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