A Comprehensive Guide to the 2024 Guildford's Gaming Festival

by Alex Robinson

Are you ready to level up your gaming experience? At Just Geek, we can hardly believe that the most awaited event of 2024, is the Guildford.Games Festival 2024 is only three weeks away! 

Known for showcasing the latest in gaming innovation and uniting gamers from around the world, this festival is a landmark event in the gaming community. 

What’s more is that this time the event is taking over the whole of Glive with groundbreaking new games to insightful panels with leading game developers. 

As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, such a gaming festival is an excellent way to seek knowledge and excitement. As part of this blog, we will cover the newest gaming show, uncovering the latest trends and key events as ardent gaming enthusiasts. 

Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a casual player, or just curious about the best gaming festival in London, this comprehensive guide is your all-access pass to the heart of gaming's most vibrant celebration.

Let’s begin!

Background of the Guildford.Gaming Festival

gaming conventions london, a gamer sitting with the background of different games

When it comes to the newest gaming festivals, the Guildford.Gaming Festival is definitely up there. You shouldn’t miss this one-of-a-kind annual celebration in the heart of Surrey's historic town, Guildford. 

Established in 2022, the Guildford.Games festival promotes the gaming industry and attracts enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. This gaming festival originated in Guildford, which is often referred to as the Hollywood of Video Games, and is the ideal location for this event owing to the town’s culture and historical game development. 

Over the years, this event has become an avenue for revolutionary inventions and now presents itself as the launching pad for emerging programmers—a symbol of how the town contributes to international game design.

Its success is a testament to the ever-increasing popularity and influence of video games in modern society and its continued expansion as a beacon for gaming culture in Guildford.

What’s New In 2024?

gaming festival uk, team members rejoicing when playing video games

The packed programme offers something for everyone - from aspiring developers to game industry veterans! From insight on how to get into games in the first place to specialised interviews with the talent of Guildford, here's the Guildford.Games Festival 2024 schedule!

The Guildford.Games festival is a celebration of the creativity and technical excellence of this internationally renowned region for video game development.

This is a FREE event to attend which means you can bring your family, friends and colleagues to this special gaming festival in the UK. 

You can also participate in this event if you're a game developer, teacher or in another industry, or you're looking for a career opportunity.

At one of the best gaming conventions in London, you will be able to:

  • Meet some of the leading game companies from the local area and play some of their innovative games
  • Hear valuable talks and gain insight from different industry experts covering technical disciplines, business skills and the future direction of this amazing industry. 
  • Learn how the games industry is operating in the modern world with guidance on working practices, personal development and embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Attend career talks detailing how to get into the industry, develop your portfolio and transfer your skills from another industry into the games sector
  • Have your portfolio reviewed by industry experts and meet games companies who are actively looking for recruits
  • Network with those in the games industry and have some fun!
  • By registering for this event you accept that Guildford Games can contact you about this event and future games sector events.

Why You Should Attend This Gaming Festival In London

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1. Access to Upcoming Games and Technologies 

Experience the newest and forthcoming games before they go on the market by going to the Guildford.Gaming Festival. This is an opportunity to experience cutting-edge gaming technology firsthand. For players who wish to keep ahead of the curve in the quickly changing gaming industry, this first-hand knowledge is priceless.

2. Networking Opportunities 

Professionals from the gaming business, like publishers, designers, and developers, congregate during the festival. Aspiring gamers and those interested in the field can network, learn from the best brains in the industry and take notes from seasoned professionals. 

Whether you're enthusiastic about the gaming business or want to launch a career in it, the contacts you make here could be a brilliant starting point.

3. Diverse and Inclusive Gaming Community 

Guildford.Gaming Festival is renowned for its varied and welcoming community environment. It's an occasion that unites individuals from many backgrounds who have an affinity for video games. 

In addition to competing in tournaments and taking part in a variety of events suitable for all ages and interests, attendees may fully immerse themselves in different gaming cultures. 

It's a community experience that encourages friendship and shared enjoyment between gamers. 

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