3 Mandalorian Figurines You Need to Have as a Star Wars Fan!

by Alex Robinson

Whether you were brought up on the original trilogy, Clone Wars or sequels, The Mandalorian has (almost!) united Star Wars fans in common enjoyment. This is the Way.

A tale of an epic saga with a rich and complex universe, the story of Star Wars has captivated millions of fans for decades. With memorable characters, compelling themes, and amazing lightsaber battles, it’s hard not to fall in love with the universe. 

Whether you’ve just started or been a fan of the franchise for decades, the best way to show some love to the intergalactic story is by getting some of the iconic merchandise. While you can find a wide variety of merchandise and apparel at Just Geek, we think the best way to show love to these characters is by getting figurines of them.

Our Just Geek store offers a wide range of amazing figurines bound to leave your fellow Star Wars fans jaw-dropped. However, with such a massive range of figurines in our store, it can get difficult to know where to get started! 

To help you out, we’ve created a list of must-buy Star Wars figurines you must have in your collection. 

Let’s get started! 

1. The Mandalorian and Blurrg Figurine 


The almost universally loved addition to the Star Wars franchise, old and young fans alike have been captivated by the Mandalorian. Just Geek offers the Official Hot Toys Mandalorian and Blurrg figurine, showcasing Din Djarin himself riding his unique companion. 

The figurine has intricate details and does justice to the Mandalorian’s unique and interesting character. The figurine shows our bounty hunter riding the Blurrg in his signature helmet and pre-Beskar armour, showcasing his mysterious nature. 

The two characters in these figurines have played a massive role in making “The Mandalorian” an amazing show, with both having massive character development throughout the series. Keep yourself hyped for the next season of The Mandalorian by getting this figurine from Just Geek today! I have spoken. 

2. The Grogu (Baby Yoda) Figurine


While “The Mandalorian” was critically acclaimed for its intricate storytelling and character development, Grogu won the hearts of all Star Wars fans. Are you really surprised? This adorable figure is the perfect opportunity for you to show some love to Baby Yoda by getting the Grogu figurine from Just Geek

This figurine is special to us because it comes with a wide range of accessories to give the best look to your Grogu. Our personal favourite has to be the metallic-painted hover pram with cover and blanket, which allows you to cover Grogu like an adorable baby. 

There’s no better opportunity than right now to pre-order this intricately detailed Grogu figurine because it’s Star Wars week! You can get this collectable at a discounted price and we highly recommend getting the figurine before it sells out! 

3. Moff Gideon Figurine


The Star Wars franchise simply isn’t complete without its iconic villains. Moff Gideon, the ruthless and cunning strategist, has a menacing look and adds a lot of tension and excitement to “The Mandalorian” series. Bringing to life some of the most iconic villains in memory, Giancarlo Esposito is the perfect actor to play Moff Gideon.

To show some love to the menacing villain, Just Geek presents you with the Moff Gideon figurine. This collectible is highly detailed and does a great job of capturing Gideon’s evil appearance in the series. However, our favourite detail about this figurine has to be the Darksaber. The accessory has a unique dark glow to it and perfectly encapsulates Moff Gideon’s evil motives. 

This figurine is an officially licensed Star Wars product and has limited stock. In other words, if it sells out, you may find it difficult to get them at our store again. Don’t miss out and get the Moff Gideon figurine from Just Geek today! 

Shop at Just Geek to Get Your Favourite Star Wars Mandalorian Figurines Today!

This sums up our favourite Star Wars figurine you can find on Just Geek. However, this is just a preview of what you can find on our geeky website. If you’re looking for something geeky other than these Star Wars, there’s a good chance you can find it in our store. 

Our store has a wide variety of geeky collectables and merchandise from your favourite TV shows, movies, games and more! On top of that, you can find rare collectables here at their retail prices, meaning you’re not overpaying for anything here. 

Lastly, by shopping at our website, you can earn Geek Elite points, which provide you with the opportunity to get exclusive discounts and merchandise. In other words, if you’re looking for something geeky, Just Geek is the best choice for you. 

Start shopping today and visit our toys and figurines section to find your favourite Star Wars figurines

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