80s Arcade Games That You Can Play At Home

by Alex Smith

Buckle up for a blast to the past as we dive deep into the golden age of 80s arcade gaming, exploring the iconic arcade game titles, revolutionary tech, and unforgettable culture that shaped an era, all now available in the comfort of your own home. 

80s arcade games elevator action & zookeeper


Zoo Keeper Arcade Game (1983)

Remember the chaos of wrangling escaped animals? In the 1983 arcade game Zoo Keeper, that was your job! Take control of Zeke, a zookeeper on a mission to rescue his girlfriend Zelda from a menagerie of on-the-loose animals. You'll build walls to keep the furry (and feathery) escapees contained, all while jumping over them for bonus points. But watch out! The clock's ticking, and escaped critters mean lost lives. This frantic mix of wall-building, jumping, and animal control made Zoo Keeper a unique and entertaining challenge for 80s arcade goers. You can now play this game again with Quarter Arcades' Official Taito Zoo Keeper Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet. 

zookeeper arcade cabinet

Elevator Action Arcade Game (1983)

In the heart of the 80s arcade scene, a different kind of spy thriller emerged: Elevator Action. This 1983 side-scrolling masterpiece by Taito cast you as Agent 17, a covert operative tasked with infiltrating a 30-story skyscraper. Your mission: outwit enemy agents, navigate a complex network of elevators, and snatch top-secret documents hidden throughout the building. But be careful! Wrong moves could mean getting crushed by elevators or ambushed by lurking spies. Elevator Action's blend of strategic planning, fast-paced action, and environmental manipulation made it a hidden gem of the golden age of arcades. Re-live the fun with Quarter Arcades' Official Taito Elevator Action Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet.

elevator action arcade cabinet

Quarter Arcades are officially licensed, quarter-scale arcade cabinet that are hand built wooden replicas of iconic arcade cabinets from the golden era of gaming.

These mini arcade machines allow gamers to engage in gameplay with fully playable cabinets using the original arcade ROM, delivering an authentic gaming experience. Despite their size, Quarter Arcades challenge players with the unique gameplay mechanics of the original arcade titles, scaled down to a quarter of their original size.

Each miniature arcade cabinet is crafted to perfection, from the recreated original artwork to the perfectly scaled shape, buttons, joystick, marquee, and bezel.They come along with features such as internal rechargeable lithium batteries and 3W speakers, these cabinets enhance the gaming experience further. Additionally, DIP switch access enables players to adjust various game settings, adding a layer of customisation to their gameplay.

Quarter Arcades offer gamers a unique opportunity to relive the glory days of arcade gaming in a unique and collectable package.