Exploring the Mysterious World of Just Geek's Blind Boxes

by Alex Robinson

Taking the world of collectibles by storm, Blind Boxes are famously known to offer a unique blend of anticipation and surprise to fans and ardent collectors alike. 

At Just Geek, we love multiplying your excitement levels and what better way to double the excitement of surprise than introducing our Mighty Jaxx Blind Boxes collection

Are you ready to discover a world of collectible art toys, figurines and collaborations with renowned artists through these mysterious blind box toys? 

Our blind box collectibles contain a carefully crafted and meticulously designed collectable that promises an exciting adventure into the unknown with every purchase you make. 

With a variety of series and themes to choose from, you never know which limited-edition piece or exclusive collaboration you'll unbox. 

Are you ready to discover a world of collectible toys, figurines and collaborations with renowned artists through these mysterious blind box toys? 

Let’s get started!

What Makes Just Geek's Blind Boxes Unique?

When it comes to unique merchandise and figurines, our blind box collectibles stand out as a preferred choice for ardent pop-culture enthusiasts. Curious to know why? Read on!

  • Exclusive Items: Just Geek’s blind boxes often include exclusive items such as limited-edition collector’s items and franchise-specific merchandise. These exclusives make our blind boxes in the UK a one-of-a-kind treasure for fans looking for unique items. 
  • Diverse Themes: Unlike a lot of blind box offerings, Just Geek doesn’t limit itself to just one theme or franchise. Instead, we offer a wide range of pop culture, from Minions to Spongebob, our collection captures your heart within seconds!
  • Durability and Quality: Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of Just Geek’s blind boxes. Every product is carefully crafted to meet high-quality standards. This means that collectors will get something that is not only one-of-a-kind but also something that will stand the test of time and be made to last. 

4 Blind Box Toys In The UK To Buy Now

1. Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things Demopets Blind Box

Emergency alert! Disturbing reports indicate that otherworldly beings from the Upside Down have breached the barriers and entered our world through the ominous Mother Gate! 

Now, the fate of humanity lies in your hands. If you think you can handle this situation, it is time to bring home the Mighty Jaxx’s Stranger Things Demopets Blind Box toys!

The entire spectrum of demo species has traversed the dimensions, threatening the very fabric of our world. Your mission is simple- collect all six distinct demo species, or locate the ultra-rare Eleven herself, to secure the salvation of our planet.

Hurry up and grab your Blind Box collectible today at Just Geek!

2. Mighty Jaxx Hidden Dissectibles Minions Blind Box

blind boxes uk, Double the fun with minions blind box

It’s time for a fun-filled getaway for our favourite yellow minions, and they can’t wait to hit the beach! In this blind box collectible, Carl brings the music, Jerry brings the balloons and Dave is just being Dave, but the party gets off to a bumpy start when Evil Minion shows up! 

Phil and Stuart distract him with refreshing colas and juicy fruits, and King Bob, the rare exception, finds endless fun on the sidelines. When it comes to Minions, there’s never a dull moment and this piece showcases this spirit well. 

If you want to join this madness, there is your chance. Grab the all-time favourite Mighty Jaxx Hidden Dissectibles Minions Blind box. Hurry up!

3. Mighty Jaxx Creepy Cuties Blind Box

blind box toys, Creepy Cuties blind box at Just Geek

If you're looking for Blind Boxes for adults, this one is a keeper! As part of our Mighty Jaxx Creepy Cuties Blind Box, each of these totems contains a mysterious spirit shrouded in mystery. These totems were created by a secret society in the early 1800s to contain and confine these mysterious creatures. 

However, a lone totem alone will not be able to contain a malevolent spirit, so a special seal must be carefully written on the base of every totem, and each spirit will have their unique design. You can be sure that these spirits are harmless in their current state of confinement, providing you with the highest level of protection. 

Do you have the courage to go on a journey to find and discover the secrets behind these totems? In that case, grab your piece today!

4. Mighty Jaxx SpongeBob SquarePants Blind Box

blind boxes, SpongeBob curated blind boxes at Just Geek

Spoil your sweet tooth with your favourite SpongeBob SquarePants in this irresistible blind box collection. Inspired by the taste of delicious sodas, each character features a stunning clear-coloured half filled with magical bubble balls. 

Shake these figures for an extra ASMR moment and watch the bubbles come alive. With 6 regular and 1 rare character in the line-up, the question is: do you have the skills to uncover every delicious Kandy soda flavour and add them all to your collection? 

Use your unboxing skills to collect them all and indulge in the sweetness of every unique character. Join fellow collectors in the hunt for these Kandy surprises!

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