Power Up Your Desk with 4 Geeky Wireless Charging Matz

by Alex Robinson

Are you ready to transform your workspace with some funky desk accessories? If that's a loud YES, we welcome you to our hub of efficiency and cutting-edge geeky wireless charging matz!

With their ingenious design, these charging matz can transform any desk into an all-in-one power station for your smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. 

Your hunt for the best desk accessories in the UK comes to an end with our iconic and endless range of accessories. Whether you are looking for desk accessories for gamers, a comic book enthusiast, or a lover of all things tech, these mats are crafted to suit your style while keeping your gadgets fully charged. 

No more dealing with tangled cords or scrambling for available outlets; simply place your smartphone, earbuds, or other Qi-compatible devices on the mat, and let the magic happen. 

In this blog, we will explore four geeky wireless charging matz that are both practical and personalised, so you can upgrade your desk in no time!

Let’s explore!

4 Unique Desk Accessories To Shop At Just Geek

1. Jurassic Park Charging Matz

best desk accessories uk, Grab the best of Jurassic Park merchandise at Just Geek

Add a little bit of prehistoric strength to your workstation with the Official Jurassic Park Charging Mat from Just Geek. This wireless charging pad transports you to the exciting world of Jurassic Park while also providing your Qi-enabled gadgets with efficient power. 

This mat gives a vibrant and nostalgic touch to your workstation with its eye-catching design that draws inspiration from the famous park gates. Its sturdy, non-slip surface guarantees that your devices stay firmly in place when charging. 

Owing to the mat's compact size, it fits well on any desk and lets you take full use of available space without compromising on design or utility. It is ideal for franchise enthusiasts as it fulfils the dual roles of a useful tool and a collectible, turning regular charging into an exciting experience.

2. JAWS Charging Matz

desk accessories for gamers, Grab the best desk accessories at Just Geek

With the Official Jaws Charging Mat from Just Geek, your charging experience will be enhanced. This distinctive desk ornament features the iconic poster from the renowned thriller "Jaws," adding a touch of cinematic nostalgia to your workspace. 

This mat is not only an eye-catching item but it is also designed to facilitate wireless charging for any Qi-enabled smartphone. It's ideal for keeping your earphones and phones charged while bringing a little bit of movie enchantment into your work area. 

The mat is an effective and safe option for daily usage because it has built-in protection against overcharging and overheating. The Jaws Charging Mat is the perfect addition to any home or office since it blends useful technology with legendary movie themes, appealing to both tech and movie lovers.

3. Back To The Future Charging Matz

unique desk accessories, the best of Back To The Future merchandise is now available at Just Geek

With the Official Back to the Future Charging Mat from Just Geek, you can relive the nostalgia of the beloved "Back to the Future" series. This wireless charging pad not only extends the battery life of your gadget without adding clutter from wires, but it also gives your workstation a touch of nostalgia. 

The charging pad is designed to resemble the future aesthetic of the movie and has excellent visuals of the dashboard of the renowned DeLorean time machine. Every time you set your phone on the dashboard, it guarantees quick and secure charging for all Qi-enabled devices. 

This charging pad turns your desk into an homage to one of the most beloved films of the 1980s, making it perfect for lovers of the classic sci-fi adventure while keeping your electronics charged. 

4. SEGA Charging Matz

The Official Sega Dreamcast Hand Controller Wireless Charging Mat, available only at Just Geek, will upgrade your workstation setup. With its evocative design reminiscent of the beloved hand controller from the Sega Dreamcast era, this charging mat pays homage to that wonderful period of gaming history. 

It gives your room a classic appearance while providing the conveniences of contemporary technologies. With the mat's Qi wireless charging features, you can easily charge your smartphones and other compatible devices. While charging, your devices will remain firmly in place thanks to the anti-slip coating. 

This wireless charging mat blends a love of vintage gaming with the utility required in today's tech-savvy environment, making it perfect for gamers and collectors.

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