Good Geeky Movies To Watch With Your Family

by Alex Robinson

Do you find yourself having a penchant for quirky and utterly geeky things? Does the world of iconic cinematography and fictional characters have you hooked to the screen?

If so, then we have the perfect treasure trove of films that will thrill your geeky curiosity. These good geek movies offer a cinematic universe where mind-bending puzzles meet unique science fiction, creating the ultimate films that leave you wanting more. 

What’s more is that these characters, both human and otherwise, navigate uncharted territories and universes with futuristic technology and fantastical effects. 

If you are looking for the best movie to watch with your family, then you are in luck! Our team at Just Geek have curated a list of the best 90s movies to watch with the family! 

These iconic movies blend thrilling plots with heartwarming moments of triumph and discovery, making them the ideal choice for a geeky movie night!

Are you ready to gather your geeky clan and head over to the sofas with your bag of popcorn? Let’s explore the world of good geek movies that are both entertaining and enlightening. 

Four Good Geek Movies To Watch Today!

1. Back To The Future Trilogy

90s movies to watch with family, back to the future TUBBZ duck

The classic team of a wacky scientist and a quirky kid leads viewers on an exciting journey through time in the Back to the Future trilogy. Equipped with a DeLorean time machine, they set off on adventures that combine humour, action and heart.

These films create a powerful blend of nostalgia and sci-fi thrill as they deftly negotiate the difficulties of time travel and examine the impacts of previous choices on the future. 

Each movie builds  upon the one before, forming a seamless and cherished epic that never fails to enthral viewers with its ageless appeal and exciting narrative.

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2. E.T.

Take a delightful journey with the beloved movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial which depicts the enchanting meeting between a small child and a kind extraterrestrial who is stuck on Earth. 

Through their unexpected connection, they explore themes of loyalty, compassion, and childlike innocence while navigating obstacles and dodging government officials. 

This classic story captivates with its innovative special effects, in addition to its heartwarming story. It's a lasting favourite for viewers of all ages and the compelling trip that serves as a brilliant reminder of the limitless potential of connection across all boundaries.

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3. Jurassic Park

movie to watch with family, The world of Jurassic Park is now yours with Just Geek

Thanks to innovative genetic engineering, Jurassic Park is a revolutionary cinematic experience that takes audiences to an aesthetically spectacular island where dinosaurs walk free once more. 

This movie captures the magic of witnessing these incredible animals come to life with a perfect blend of science fiction, adventure, and tension. The excitement transforms into a daring survival story as the park's security systems collapse, emphasising the unpredictable nature of experimenting with genetic power.

It's a timeless masterpiece that delights and thrills, whilst also teaching about the wonders and perils of technological development. This movie is sure to entertain thanks to its gorgeous scenery, exciting plot and ground-breaking special effects.


90s movies to watch with family, a Jaws collectible from Just Geek

Immerse yourself in the nail-biting tension of Jaws, a landmark film that revolutionised the thriller genre. This film, which is set on a little island village, chronicles the terrifying hunt for a large, dangerous great white shark that scares local beachgoers. 

The film Jaws skillfully creates tension and anxiety by gradually revealing the identity of the ocean's most deadly predator, all while using an iconic tune that heightens the sensation of impending catastrophe.

The film is a landmark work in cinema history that mixes gripping action sequences with engrossing character development to create a remarkable watching experience that has captivated audiences for centuries.

Grab the popcorn for the best movies to watch with family and friends with Just Geek!

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