Celebrate 40 Years of E.T. with Just Geek!

by Matthew Wrightson
The year is 1982.

Big hair, padded shoulders and leg warmers are in, mobile phones are humongous and the sound of Duran Duran thumps through the air. Not only did this year see Cats open on Broadway and Michael Jackson’s Thriller take the world by a storm but, to many, an even more special event occurred—the debut of Steven Spielberg’s heart-warming sci-fi classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!
So, if you just can’t get enough of this legendary little alien then you’ll love getting your hands on some of our epic E.T. merch to celebrate his 40th anniversary!

10. E.T. Wallet
ET Wallet
Having a wallet themed around one of your favourite TV shows, movies or video games is pretty much a rite of passage for any geek at this point. Earn your place and keep your money safe with this one, which has an endearing design of the iconic E.T. flight scene.

9. E.T. Keychain
ET Keyring
If you’d like to entrust your keys to a friendly face, may we present this delightful keychain, which sports the charming shape of your best buddy from outer space.

8. Water Bottle
ET Bottle

In an effort to return an alien back to its companions, it’s essential you stay hydrated. Especially since you might end up getting chased by top secret government agents... just saying.

7. Sound Mug
ET Mug

Honestly? Best. Mug. Ever! Not only does it rock E.T.’s face but it also talks to you each time you take a sip so you’ll always feel as though your favourite whimsical alien is by your side!

6. Moon Mood Light
ET lamp

Popcorn? Check. Cosy blanket? Double check. Ambient lighting? No? Well, if you want to settle in for the perfect movie night and watch the cinematic masterpiece that is E.T. then you’ll love this E.T. moon mood light, which showcases Elliott’s famous bicycle silhouette soaring across the sky.

5. Phone Home Trucker Cap
ET Snapback
Pay homage to your beloved sci-fi classic as you strut your stuff in this stylish E.T. Phone Home cap with a vibrant design and breathable mesh for optimal comfort.

4. E.T. T-shirt
ET T-shirt
Get ready to make some room, it’s time to deck out your wardrobe with 80s vibes by adding this cool E.T. t-shirt to your roster of outfits!

3. E.T. Movie Scene Diorama 15cm
ET Diorama

Dust off your shelf because we have a fantastic E.T. diorama we know you’ll love to display! Featuring Elliott and his newfound alien sidekick E.T. atop his bicycle, this endearing collectible captures the essence of this amazing film in the best way.

2. E.T. Power Idolz
ET Power Idolz

How can E.T. phone home if his battery is dead? Well, we have a solution! Merge your fondness for technology with your love of E.T. and snap up this remarkable Power Idolz wireless charging dock to make sure your battery never runs low! Showcasing a nostalgic retro VHS design, it also includes a light-up base and—the best part—a fingertip which also lights up when charging!

1. E.T. Stunt Puppet Replica (Large Version)
Sitting in at number one we have the astonishing almost life-size replica of E.T. himself! This stunning foam rubber and latex recreation stands at almost three feet tall and features intricate hand-painted detailing to capture his wonderful character almost perfectly. It truly is a sight to behold and the ultimate piece of E.T. merchandise for any fan seeking to seriously raise their collection to the next level!
Pose him near your phone, help your little one dress him up or take him to trick or treating at Halloween—maybe he’ll spot a familiar green long-eared friend there from a galaxy not so far away...
Now, wait just a minute...
Does this mean E.T.’s telekinesis is from using the Force?
Could our quirky little alien be a Jedi?!
What do you think?

Want to see more E.T. products? Or maybe you have your eye on something else? We have all you need at JustGeek.com with a huge selection of the very best TV, film and videogame merchandise at a price you’ll love.

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