Geek Out This December: 3 Advent Calendars For Pop Culture Enthusiasts

by Alex Robinson

December is the most celebrated month for pop culture enthusiasts and geeky nerds! Ever wondered why? It is the perfect time to indulge in the magic and joy of the holiday season and embrace our geeky merchandise!

What better way to embrace the festivities than by counting days with a daily dose of your favourite pop culture-inspired treasures? At Just Geek, we understand you are always looking for ways to let out your inner geek. That is why we have introduced our unique advent calendars for adults. Drum rolls please, as we can’t wait to share these with you. 

Designed exclusively for all pop culture enthusiasts out there, our amazing advent calendars will have you waking up with joy to reveal beautifully crafted surprises. 

From your favourite fictional characters to the most iconic franchises out there, we have searched far and wide to create the best nerd advent calendars for our geeky fans. 

Ready to unwrap surprises and count the days to joy with Just Geek’s advent calendars? Let’s make your December extraordinary by exploring the coolest and quirkiest advent calendars, dedicated to every geek lover’s passion!

Why Do We Have Advent Calendars?

Before we explore our unique advent calendars for adults, it's important to understand the origin of these goodies. Known for their rich history and religious significance, advent calendars originated from the Christian tradition. 

Essentially, the festivities begin on the fourth Sunday before Christmas hence the word advent translates into ‘adventus’ or ‘coming’. All traditional advent calendars start from December 1st and count the days till Christmas Eve, symbolising the anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Beyond the spiritual belief, advent calendars also build a sense of anticipation and excitement among believers. With each passing day, a new drawer opens to reveal surprises or small treats, thereby fostering a sense of daily reflection and happiness. 

This also bolsters the idea of a new day and the opportunities it holds for everyone. Today, advent calendars have become an integral part of holiday traditions and celebrations, spreading joy and building anticipation in the countdown to Christmas. 

Exploring Just Geek’s Geeky Advent Calendars

1. Friends Central Perk 12 Days of Bath Advent Calendar

nerd advent calendars, Indulge in relaxation as you rejuvenate with Just Geek's special advent calendar.

Could you BE any more relaxed? To all our geeky fans, if you answered with a resounding YES then it's time to celebrate the holidays in true Friends style with our fantastic official 12-Day Bath and Body Advent Calendar

This unique advent calendar for adults is filled with all sorts of goodies and treats to help you unwind and relax, truly embracing the festive spirit. Coupled with mesmerising body washes, body salts, bath fizzers and hand creams, this is the ultimate solution to unwind from all the stress of life this holiday season. 

For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, you can indulge in a luxurious bathing experience that is curated by your favourite sitcom! Each day reveals a carefully curated selection of delightful fragrances that are sure to fill your days with comfort and self-care.

Are you ready to pamper yourself for the holiday season with our amazing advent calendar? Treat yourself to this exclusive bath collection and make your countdown to Christmas truly special and indulgent. 

2. Original Stormtrooper Countdown Character

amazing advent calendars, fill your days with excitement and madness with Just Geek's advent calendars.

Get yourself prepared to count down to the greatest day of the year with this Stormtrooper Countdown character. For all our Star Wars fans, this geeky advent calendar is the ideal way to embrace the festivities. 

This figurine allows you to build a premium quality, glue-free Stormtrooper each day of December. By Christmas Eve, you will be ready to strike with an E-11 Blaster rifle, making an epic Christmas celebration. 

Just Geek’s officially licensed geeky advent calendar brings the far, far away galaxy closer to home. Embracing the classic Stormtrooper concept, the 24 meticulously crafted compartments unveil a new surprise every day, ranging from small figurines to special items, making your lead-up to Christmas truly special. 

Moreover, our unique advent calendars for adults are available in a collector’s box that can be used after you've built your figurine. The cherry on the cake is that your figurine will be ready by Christmas Eve, ready to be gifted to ardent Star Wars fans or kept as a collectible. 

3. Sonic the Hedgehog Tails Countdown Character

why do we have advent calendars, Embrace the festivities with Just Geek's special figurines as you count the days to joy.

Jumpstart your Christmas season festivities with the Official Sonic the Hedgehog figurine. This special figurine is a delightful treasure trove for all pop culture enthusiasts as it seamlessly captures the excitement and anticipation of holiday cheer. 

With an array of surprises centred around your favourite character, this amazing advent calendar will have you eagerly waiting to unveil an exclusive item each day. Ranging from collectible figurines and accessories to limited edition merchandise, this advent calendar is an absolute must-have for pop culture enthusiasts. 

Are you ready for a daily dose of joy as you engage with your beloved character in unique and unexpected ways? It's time to embrace the spirit of adventure and discovery every day with our unique advent calendars for adults. Visit our website to grab yours today and add a touch of magic to the festive countdown! 

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