Gotta Catch 'Em All: 4 Fun Facts to Commemorate Pokémon Day

by Alex Robinson

For gaming enthusiasts across the world, February 27th is more than just a mere date on the calendar. 

It holds a special position in the hearts of ardent Pokemon fans as this glorious occasion marks the beginning of a phenomenon that has captivated the hearts and minds of fans for over two decades. 

To celebrate this occasion, our team at Just Geek is here to spoil you with 4 fun facts about Pokemon! This blog is our humble tribute to the iconic franchise that invites lifelong trainers as well as newcomers to explore the enchanting world of Pokemon that has been a constant for every 90’s kid. 

Whether it’s the modest origins of a game inspired by a childhood pastime or its rise to prominence worldwide, Pokemon’s history is famous for offering fascinating anecdotes and significant turning points.

To elevate the fun for this memorable day, we invite our readers to join us as we explore interesting Pokemon facts that honour the magic and nostalgia of Pokémon! 

4 Fun Pokemon Facts You Didn't Know!

1. The Origin of Pokémon Day

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Let’s backtrack and talk about a question you may not know the answer to - when was Pokemon created? Well, the occasion of Pokemon Day which is celebrated on February 27th is the very origin of the Pokemon franchise. 

Extremely dear to gamers across the globe, this global holiday honours a significant turning point in the history of video games. Pokemon Red and Green was the first original Pokemon video game that was released on this day in 1996. It laid the foundation for the company’s prosperous multi-media empire for years to come.

The Pokemon game offered players the opportunity to hunt, train and fight a variety of monsters across the game’s distinctive universe with each Pokemon showcasing unique abilities and characteristics. 

Over time, Pokémon Day has transformed into a celebration of the whole universe, given its enormous global reach and profound impact on popular culture, entertainment and the lives of millions of fans. 

2. Massive Media Franchise

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If you are looking for fun facts about Pokemon, this one will amuse you. Starting its journey from humble beginnings as a video game series, the Pokémon Universe has grown to become one of the biggest media franchises worldwide! 

Its remarkable growth extends well beyond the world of video games. At present, the franchise consists of innumerable feature films that have captivated viewers all over the world. Along with this, the franchise boasts an animated series that has been a staple for kid’s entertainment. 

To spice things up, the makers have also introduced a well-appreciated trading card game that seamlessly blends strategy and collectibility. Its recent addition to the merchandising world has been the cherry on the cake for fans as they can grab their beloved characters in the form of collectibles too. 

The mobile software ‘Pokémon GO’, which broke through traditional gaming limits and became a cultural sensation by bringing the excitement of Pokémon hunting to real-world exploration and uniting players of all ages in a shared augmented reality experience, is a prime example of its extensive influence. 

This multifaceted growth cements Pokémon's status as a titan in both the entertainment and media landscapes.

3. Inspiration from Real Life

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In the early years of his childhood, Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the game, was fascinated by the difficulties of collecting insects in rural Japan. This insight, which has its origins in travel and discovery, directly influenced the concept of Pokémon, which involves gathering and capturing different animals.

As he had done with insects, Tajiri dreamed of a world where kids might feel the excitement of discovery and the delight of raising these animals. This idea became the Pokémon universe, a place where players explore huge vistas in search of Pokémon, emulating Tajiri's natural explorations. 

This real-life source of inspiration demonstrates how unassuming childhood interests may develop into global phenomena, influencing the gameplay and overall tone of the Pokémon franchise.

4. Guinness World Record

When it comes to Pokemon facts you didn't know, this one might fascinate die-hard fans. In the role-playing games (RPG) sphere, the Pokemon franchise is an absolute winner and it holds the honour of having its own Guinness World Record. 

This speaks volumes about the enduring appeal and popularity of this franchise. Selling over 300 million copies of games globally as of November 2017, the Pokemon World has been recognised as the most successful RPG series of all time. 

This record is more than just a number; it's a manifestation of the great happiness and sense of community that Pokémon has brought to players throughout numerous generations. The game has drawn and kept enthusiasts from all around the world, from the original Red and Green editions to the most recent updates.

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