Quack or Treat? Dive into the Spooky World of Geek Horror This Halloween!

by Alex Robinson

For lovers of the horror genre, watching a great horror film is so thrilling that everything else just ‘pales’ in comparison! 

At Just Geek, we understand the thrill of a great horror film. Like you, we love those films and TV series that send a chill down our spine and transport us to the dark side. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section to horror merchandise, offering a unique collection that caters to macabre enthusiasts like you!

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to immerse your inner horror geek with a spine-chilling collection of collectables guaranteed to satisfy your darkest horror fantasies. Stroking this fire for your inner horror enthusiast, our team of horror fanatics have carefully curated a list of geek horror merchandise, from spooky Halloween masks to a variety of spooktastic horror merch figures. Just Geek is your one-stop shop for terror-rific horror collectables in the UK.

In our blog, we list the ultimate geek horror collectables to raise the bar this Halloween. It's a great source of inspiration for your next horror-themed event or simply to celebrate your favourite genre all year round!

Geek Horror TUBBZ

Whoever thought these yellow ducks were cute was grossly mistaken. Whether Chucky, Annabelle, or Carrie, we’ve got all the classic horror characters for geek horror lovers like you. 


Looking as creepy as ever, this cosplaying collectable duck promises to be your friend until the end, but do you need a friend like this? With his pair of blue overalls, a stripey top, and one red eye - do you know what that means? Chucky is here to stay. Get him as a plushie, a TUBBZ or why not both? 


Who can forget Carrie, the lead from the 1976 supernatural horror flick by the same name? A movie about a prom night gone seriously wrong is sure to be unforgettable.

Our Carrie cosplaying collectable duck looks very similar to the on-screen Carrie covered in pig’s blood. She’ll surely succeed at spooking all who come to see and admire your horror merch figures collection.


Perhaps the alpha and omega of the satanic and supernatural horror genre, Annabelle never fails to send chills down your spine. Both movies in the franchise explore the journey of the possessed Raggedy Ann doll with a perfect blend of mystery, terror and supernatural suspense.

Available as a cosplaying duck collectable and a boxed TUBBZ, bring Annabelle home today (if you dare). From the dress to the pigtails, her character’s stark features are bound to stand out in your geek horror collection.

Halloween Masks

A very realistic Halloween mask of Evil Ash from Evil Dead 2 movie.

Don’t miss out on a timeless Halloween classic – the mask. From horror classics to animated fantasy horror, we’ve got character masks to up your game in the fear domain.

Evil Ash from Evil Dead 2

Your Halloween costume as Evil Ash from Evil Dead 2 is only complete with this scary mask. With perfect detailing and a comfortable fit, you’ll be sure to send shivers down everyone’s spine. 

Michael Myers from Halloween

A cult classic like Halloween needs to be perfectly commemorated by fans of the horror franchise. Leave it to Just Geek to up your costume game with this very realistic Halloween mask

Victor from Corpse Bride

Uncannily similar to Victor’s face from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, our officially licensed Victor mask combines an injection-moulded design with a comfortable fit, ensuring a perfect trick-or-treating experience.

Set the stage for fear with masks from Just Geek’s horror merch site!

Geek Horror Apparel

A spooky blue and black jumper or ugly sweater featuring IT Pennywise on a red balloon.

Why restrict the spooktastic feeling to Halloween when you can don our horror Halloween jumpers all year round? We’ve got ugly sweaters with your favourite horror character spooky enough to send shivers down your spine.

The red balloons with Pennywise the Dancing Clown on our official Pennywise jumper are enough to give anyone the creeps. Whether you buy and wear it yourself or gift it, this jumper is ideal for anyone looking for a touch of macabre on their sleeve.

When you struggle to pick one, why not pick them all? Our Monsters Group Jumper featuring Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s wife, a Mummy and a Creature from the Black Lagoon, is an ode to all the cult horror classics of yore. Sport this unisex jumper, and you’ll make a lasting impression at any Halloween event.

Any loyal Gremlins fan knows the rules: avoid sunlight, don’t get them wet and never feed them after midnight - no matter how much they beg. One look at the Official Gremlins 1984 accessory pack and you know that whoever thought these little critters were cute was so wrong. With the complete Gremlins pack, you’re all set to rock Halloween night!

Halloween CosCup

Classic Dracula vampire with blood-stained teeth painted on a ceramic reusable cup.

Since we’re talking about all things horror, who can forget this infamous creature that lurks in the night? Made from high-quality ceramic with a silicon sleeve, our Official Dracula CosCup raises a toast to this caped vampire. Baring his blood-stained teeth in his classic tux, our Dracula looks like a dead ringer for the classic horror persona. 

Embrace the Dark Side with Just Geek, Your Friendly Horror Merch Site!

Why look elsewhere when you have Just Geek, one of the best horror merch sites for horror collectables in the UK? Year after year, we raise the bar for geek horror and Halloween merchandise by curating an extensive range of official collectables. This Halloween, browse through our complete collection featuring the sought-after horror merch figures, TUBBZ, apparel, masks, and CosCups that embody the essence of terror. 

We also extend our geekiness to an extensive range of gaming merchandise, such as TUBBZ, statues and figures, and quarter arcades.

Be afraid, be very afraid… of missing out on your favourite geek horror merch! Shop now!

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