5 Epic April Fool's Day Ideas To FoolProof Your Day

by Alex Robinson

Our favourite time of the year is finally here and we can’t contain our excitement levels. The much-awaited April Fool’s Day is just around the corner and to take things to another level our team is here to help you!

If you love indulging in harmless pranks and jests that will tickle your laughing bones, we have a bunch of April Fools Day ideas to share with you. Whether it's your close friends, family or colleagues that you plan on pranking, our exhaustive list of April Fool’s prank ideas is here to entertain you with the best.  

After all, isn't April Fool’s Day the ideal opportunity to inject some humour into our ‘oh so-humdrum’ routines? Featuring tech-gadget gags and apparel-based jests, we'll guide you through a variety of epic pranks to do that are not only fun but also creatively showcase Just Geek's unique merchandise.

Get ready to make this April Fool's Day unforgettable with a geeky twist!

Epic April Fool’s Day Ideas To Try This Time

1. Salt and Pepper and Everything Nice

harmless pranks to do, Use our  CosCups for April Fool's Day from Just Geek.

The classic Salt and Pepper trick never goes out of fashion! 

Confused about what we are talking about? Allow us to explain!

After an exhausting day, hydration is a must, isn't it? To quench your thirst, you make yourself a drink only to spit it all out thanks to the devil-like blend of salt in your water. 

To make sure your friends and family fall for this trick, pour this insane combination into one of the best-selling CosCups. Not only will our irresistible collection and sleek designs act as the best disguise but you can also distract them by offering the best pop-culture-inspired CosCups

2. Madness In The Tub

april fools prank ideas, Grab our MINI TUBBZ collection today from Just Geek.

Fancy having a relaxing bath after a long workday? Well, here’s your opportunity to run this experience for your friends and family. 

Instead of filling your bathtub with bath bombs and rose petals, why not spice things up? If you are thinking along the lines of crazy, add a bunch of Mini TUBBZ collectible to your bathroom tub and watch the madness unfold. 

This harmless prank can only have two repercussions. Either you have left your friends annoyed with a barrage of floating TUBBZ or they are smitten to see their favourite pop-culture-inspired merchandise in a cute little duck-like avatar. 

Irrespective, you have successfully managed to ace April Fool’s Day with such harmless pranks!

3. Are you Scared Of The Dark?

Looking for exciting April Fool’s Day ideas?

Get ready to send shivers down the spine with our Stripe Collectible Vinyl Figure or The Nun Collectible which blends the eerie charm of horror with a touch of geekiness. Ideal for fans of horror and supernatural, you can place these horrific figurines in places your loved ones are most likely to visit. 

To add to the madness, why not play a terrifying background song to match the ambience such as a distant whisper, a soft thud or the creak of a floorboard? For added effect, set these to happen at "haunted" times, such as 3:03 AM or midnight.

Explore Just Geek’s horror category for the best masks and collectibles. 

4. The Superhero Swap

Looking for harmless pranks this year? Why not dress up your friend or relative in a superhero suit from our apparel section and replace their everyday clothes? 

Imagine their astonishment when, rather than their typical attire, they discover a Wonder Woman cape or a Spider-Man t-shirt inside their backpack at work or school.

The night before, slip the clothing into their backpack or exercise bag. Make it into a playful dare by leaving a note that challenges them to wear it for the day in exchange for a reward. 

5. Let The Mismatched Madness Begin

pranks to do, a group of friends laughing

Subtly swap out every pair of socks in a roommate's drawer with wildly mismatched pairs that feature various geek icons by using Just Geek's selection of socks or other accessories

When they are unable to locate even one pair that matches, see their perplexity and eventual enjoyment. For a slow burn prank, spread out this discreetly over a week. Keep track of their daily responses for a funny reveal at the end!

Explore Just Geek’s Collection For The Best April Fool’s Day Ideas!

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