5 TUBBZ Every Movie Fan Needs!

by Alex Robinson

If you’re anything like us, you grew up on the movie greats like Lord of the Rings, Rocky and Jaws. Not just providing an escape, our favourite films are cultural points of reference. If you’re looking for a rubber viewing companion, a collectible to show your love for film - then look no further than our top 5 favourite movie TUBBZ.

If you’re out the loop on TUBBZ, they’re collectible, novelty rubber ducks, cosplaying as your favourite characters from movies, gaming and TV. From the cute to cartoonish to cool, our TUBBZ collection ooze charm in spades. 

However, with so many TUBBZ to choose from, as a newcomer, you may need some help with where to start. To help you out, we’ve picked our favourite iconic movie characters TUBBZ that no movie enthusiasts collection can do without. 

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1. Gandalf TUBBZ from Lord of The Rings

1. Gandalf from Lord of The Rings

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” this Gandalf the Grey TUBBZ bellows! With sword and staff in hand, will you help fight for the freedom of Middle Earth with our Gandalf TUBBZ duck? One of the most beloved characters from the Lord of the Rings fantasy epic, Gandalf holds great hidden power. 

This Lord of the Rings TUBBZ is a must-have for fans of the franchise. Featuring Gandalf TUBBZ with his iconic beard and shouting his most iconic line, Gandalf is ready to lay down his life for the Fellowship.

For bonus points, recreate the fateful scene on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm with our limited edition and ultra rare Balrog TUBBZ, only at Just Geek.

A story about victory against all odds, add this reminder that dedication and hard work always pay off to your collection with the Rocky Balboa TUBBZ. The Sylvester Stallone movie that made waves in Hollywood is now making waves in bathtubs across the globe, in rubber duck form. 

Achieve super fan status with the official licensed Rocky TUBBZ. Featuring Rocky after his legendary fight with Apollo Creed, our Rocky duck collectible features him all beat up in the wake of victory. 

This iconic Rocky TUBBZ comes with a collector's bathtub display box featuring the Rocky logo. For the ultimate matchup, you’ll also need Rocky’s iconic opponent, Apollo Creed TUBBZ to complete your Rocky TUBBZ collection!

With her psychotic and obsessive nature, own Harley Quinn as a mischievous duck at Just Geek. Try not to fall for her charm, as this duck will do anything for the love of her life. 

This Harley Quinn TUBBZ is part of the Suicide Squad collection and features her iconic costume from the movie. The queen of Gotham features her menacing look, with her iconic red and black outfit. 

If you’re looking to collect the full Suicide Squad, get them all today in adorable duck form. Some of our Suicide Squad collectibles include Peacemaker, Bloodsport and more! 


Hollywood’s most famous shark, Bruce of the Jaws franchise is considered a Steven Spielberg classic, amongst his most renowned films. With iconic, instantly recognisable music, how could any TUBBZ movie collection be complete without the antagonist himself? Be sure to check out our Jaws Bruce TUBBZ collectible. 

A unique and playful take on the menacing shark, this adorable take on the legendary shark won’t have you afraid to go back in the water. The Jaws Bruce TUBBZ comes in a bathtub display, showcasing the Jaws logo. 

If you’re a fan of the movies and like to collect figurines and TUBBZ, this is a must-have. It also makes an adorable gift to someone who’s a fan of the all-time classic. 

A horror movie fan favourite, the serial killing doll has now transferred his soul into a duck toy. However, we can’t promise this Chucky TUBBZ figurine is going to sit still as part of your collection…

The duck collectible has the serial killer’s iconic features giving him his terrifying look. Top it off with his slicked-back hair and iconic sweater and you’ve got one of the most unique ducks from the TUBBZ collection

It’s a must-have for horror movies as a perfect blend of horrifying and cute. It could also work as a Halloween decor to bring more ambience to your home during the spooky season. 

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While these are our favourite movie TUBBZ, this is only a sneak peek at the full collection. With so many TUBBZ to collect, from your favourite movies, TV shows, video games, anime and more at Just Geek! 

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