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by Matthew Wrightson
Ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun festive tradition that is getting more and more popular every single year. From wearing a vintage ugly sweater at the office Christmas party to lounging around in one at home during the holidays, there are so many occasions when you can wear a Christmas sweater. They’re great fun, quirky, cool and come in so many different styles.
Whether you’re a Star Trek fan, a Potterhead or classic film enthusiast, the perfect ugly Christmas sweater exists just for you. To give you some ideas about what’s popular this Christmas, the Just Geek team has written about some of the most in-demand ugly 90s sweaters for men below.
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What are Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Over the past decade, a new Christmas trend has come to town - the ugly sweater. Millions of us all across the world now don one of these funky sweaters every Christmas holiday period; they’re an excellent way to lighten up the mood and get excited for Christmas. So, what exactly is the ugly Christmas sweater? Essentially, it is an article of apparel that is usually only worn in the months approaching Christmas and all throughout the festive holiday season. It is a jumper or sweater, and it normally features a Christmas design with colours of red, white and green.
Nowadays, there is an abundance of ugly sweaters available, and you will see all types of designs - with many sweaters now featuring designs from famous TV shows, cult movies and much-loved video games. There is so much choice on offer, and you can choose whether you want your sweater to be humorous, silly, rude or just simple. The trend of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters has grown every year since the 1980s and today, it’s a fantastic way to join the fun and take part in a hilarious Christmas tradition. You can even host an ugly Christmas sweater party or family gathering, where you all wear your sweaters together!

Top Christmas Sweaters to Buy in 2022

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s the ideal time to start looking for your ugly sweater; you don’t want to miss out and be the only one without a jumper on Christmas day! At Just Geek, we stock a range of retro Christmas jumpers with a diverse range of styles available, and holiday sweaters for both men and women.
A popular choice is the Official Star Trek Blue Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater, which you can also buy in Yellow too. This is a superb official Star Trek product, which was designed and engineered by Numskull Designs. It shows off an incredible design inspired by the USS Enterprise Next Generation uniform, and it is finished off with Nordic decorations including snowflakes and diamonds. The sweater is made from high quality yarn, so it’ll be extra comfy to wear. It’s also a unisex sweater, so it can be worn by anyone. We offer multiple UK sizes from 2XS to 5XL; if you’d like to make a purchase, head over to our online shop now.
Another popular ugly Christmas sweater in the UK is the Official Halo ‘Happy Halo-Days’ Christmas Jumper, which is just £29.99 to buy now. A 100% knitted Christmas jumper, it is styled in a traditional Nordic aesthetic and it’s the best gift to give any Halo fan. If you want to celebrate the Christmas period like a proper Spartan, then this official Halo merch is perfect for you. It’s really comfortable and looks great on all ages, with a cool design that is a definite conversation starter!
Big fan of the Beatles? Then why not get the Official The Beatles Christmas Jumper for this year’s season? You can become a member of The Beatles with this exclusive Christmas jumper, which depicts the world-famous album artwork from ‘Help’ on the front of the sweater. It features a festive blue, red and white design, and it is a must-have if you’re a real fan of The Beatles. It is premium quality and knitting, making it really comfortable to wear all throughout the day. At only £34.99, this is a wonderful gift to get a loved one or to treat yourself to this Christmas.
If you’re searching for funny Christmas sweaters for men, then the Official Shrek Christmas Jumper / Ugly Jumper is a great choice. Shrek is an amazing Christmas movie, and you’ll be able to celebrate the festive time with Donkey, Princess Fiona and the whole crew on this 100% knitted jumper. It features a classic Nordic design and lots of little Shrek references all over it; it’s an official Shrek product and is ideal to purchase in time for your family Christmas this year!

Searching For The Best Place to Buy Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

If you want to buy a vintage ugly sweater and up your festive apparel collection, then Just Geek is the best place to visit! We stock novelty Christmas jumpers in a wide range of sizes (including plus size), and with every type and style of sweater available. All of our ugly sweaters depict aspects from popular video games, movies and TV shows. For example, our collection features Christmas sweaters for Back to the Future, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory and many more. To browse through our entire range of Mens ugly Christmas sweaters, visit our online shop today.
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