Just Geek’s Top 10. Premium Collectibles

by Peter Bollons

Do you want to become the ultimate collector? Maybe you already have a nice setup but sometimes get the feeling something is ‘missing?’ Well then, whether you’re a newbie or veteran collector, you’re in the right place! Behold, a selection of some of the best products from Just Geek’s range of premium collectibles, is compiled into an easy list just for you! You’re welcome.


10. Hot Toys Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu 1:6 Scale Figure

First on the roster is this little guy! From eating frogs, stealing eggs and having one of the coolest (and deadliest) caretakers in the galaxy, Grogu has certainly made a name for himself since his debut in The Mandalorian when he was only known as ‘Baby Yoda.’ Hot Toys have since captured his unique appearance and adorable features in this fantastic 1:6 scale replica. Since he comes with a wonderful selection of accessories including his iconic hover pram, you can create numerous displays within your collection with ease! This is the way.


9. Sideshow Collectibles Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leather Face 1:6 Scale Figure

One of the most renowned horror villains in pop culture history, Leatherface now steps forth as a terrific 1:6 scale figure by Sideshow Collectibles. His grotesque mask has been recreated with disturbing attention to detail and his infamous chainsaw is ready to be swung towards his next victim. Among his other accessories, he also stands upon a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed base, making him perfect for display. If you love horror and want to bump up your collection to the next level, this is a must-have.


8. Iron Studios Harry Potter and Buckbeak Deluxe Art 1:10 Scale Figure

A scene scorched into the minds of many Potterheads is the breathtaking moment Harry flies atop Buckbeak with his arms raised into the air. Iron Studios present this as an astounding 1:10 scale statue any fan will adore! Featuring careful craftmanship, delicate paintwork and exquisite water detail to accurately emulate Buckbeak’s talon skimming the surface of the lake, this is a worthy centrepiece to any Harry Potter collection.


 7. Numskull Designs Destiny Lord Shaxx Statue

Do you want the Crucible? He is the Crucible. Lord Shaxx has become a fan favourite character to many Destiny fans. With his booming tone, enthusiastic commentary and general prowess, it’s no surprise he’s been made into a statue. This figure has been crafted with extra features that fans will cherish, including the detail on his fur effect pauldrons and a Crucible-themed base, making this a superb addition to any Destiny collection.


6. Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse Limited Edition Statue

The last thing anyone needs or wants to see lurking at the end of a corridor is one of Silent Hill’s Bubble Head Nurses—or maybe you do, if you’re a Silent Hill fan. In which case, do we have the statue for you! Numskull Designs presents this unsettling creature in a staggered pose with a hospital trolley beside it, creating a horrific diorama effect. For any fan hoping to blur the lines between reality and the world of Silent Hill, this statue is the first step to achieving that goal.


5. Hot Toys Batman Begins 1:6 Scale Figure

Where is she?! Now that that’s out of the way, we can move on. Whether you love or hate Christian Bale’s Batman voice, he did bring new life to the role. His trilogy launched the caped crusader into a new era, with a whole new Batsuit and choice of gadgets to boot. Hot Toys present an astonishing recreation of his portrayal with plenty of accessories to pose him with for your display and an incredible hand-painted head sculpt of Christian Bale himself. Simply exquisite.


4. Hot Toys The Dark Knight Trilogy Batmobile 1:6 Scale Figure

Does it come in black? Yes, yes it does. Including the Hot Toys figure of Batman on the list without his Batmobile is the closest thing I could approach to DC sacrilege, so, here we are. This 1:6 scale replica is the signature companion to Hot Toys’ Batman Begins figure, however, it is also stunning displayed solo with its 10 LED lights, rubber tires, detailed lifelike cockpit and roof opening panel.

3. Official Threezero Stranger Things Demogorgon Figure

If I only could, make a deal with God, I’d get him to buy this figure for my collection. Threezero have knocked it out of the park with this sinister sculpture of the dreaded Demogorgon from critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things! With 24 points of articulation with seamless joints in some areas and multiple head sculpts for display, you’ll be able to pose this terrifying creature with precision and ease.

2. Numskull Designs Destiny 2 Savathûn, the Witch Queen 11.5” Limited Edition Statue

Sister of Shapes, the Scheme Mother and the Witch Queen, Savuthûn has been immortalised as a truly unforgettable collectible by Numskull Designs. She presents huge Hive wings with beautiful detailing, deadly blue eyes and a fallen acolyte soldier at her feet to create a menacing presence any Destiny fan can display with pride. If Destiny has a piece of your heart, Guardian, it’s time to add the cherry on the cake to your collection.

1. Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Boba Fett Legendary Scale Figure

At just over a metre tall, Boba Fett jetpacks to first place with this sensational legendary scale figure! Sideshow Collectibles have perfectly captured the iconic presence of this galactic bounty hunter with amazing precision, from his signature battle-worn armour, helmet and blaster to features such as synthetic hair Wookiee scalps, which further enhance this high-quality collectible. For any Star Wars fan wanting to catapult their fan status into a tier so high some fans could only dream of, this is for you.
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