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by Matthew Wrightson
Getting ready for Christmas, and want to buy a movie-themed or gaming-themed Christmas jumper? Look no further, Just Geek has got you fully covered. We are a one-stop shop for all geeky gaming festive jumpers; whether you want to stay warm with a Harry Potter emblazoned jumper, or an Elf-themed jumper, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.
Below, the Just Geek team has listed some of the best Christmas jumpers to buy for the 2022 festive period. Read on to learn more about all our incredible jumpers, and if you have any questions - then please feel free to email us via the details at the bottom.

Harry Potter Christmas Jumpers

 Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas jumper
Are you a big Potterhead? Then a Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas jumper is just what you need to buy for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Hogwarts is one of the most breathtaking places to spend your holidays with plenty of Butterbear, vast Christmas trees and wonderful baubles.
If you want to celebrate the world’s best wizarding school around, then this official Harry Potter product is the ideal companion for you this Christmas. It comes complete with intricate and subtle details like snowflakes, diamonds and much more.

Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

 Official Star Wars Master Yoda Christmas jumper
Christmas is the best time to rewatch all those Star Wars movies over the years. If you’re a major Star Wars enthusiast and fan, then why not buy the Official Star Wars Master Yoda Christmas jumper this year? This is an adorable Christmas jumper packed full of Christmas decorations; it’s 100% knitted and comes in premium quality yarn for added comfort. To browse all of our jumpers, head over to the Just Geek online store now.

Gremlins Christmas Jumper

 Gremlins Christmas jumper
Want a festive-themed jumper with a Gremlins twist? The premium-quality Gremlins Christmas jumper is the perfect choice for you, featuring a mutated Flasher Gremlin at the head of a ferocious army ready to cause trouble and chaos.
 Designed and created by Numskull Designs, this is the ideal addition to the Christmas wardrobe of any big fan of the 80s classic Gremlins movie. It’s an official Gremlins product, and it’s 100% knitted with hand-crafted patch embroidery and enhanced detail. With premium quality yarn, this jumper offers supreme comfort and can be worn all throughout the year.

Ghostbusters Christmas Jumper

 Ghostbusters Christmas jumper
Ghostbusters is one of the all-time classic cult movies; and if you want to celebrate Christmas by remembering this incredible paranormal movie, then the Ghostbusters Christmas jumper is a great purchase.
An official Ghostbusters product, this 100% knitted winter garment has the iconic and world-famous Ghostbusters logo right in the centre. It looks fantastic on anyone, and it’s a great jumper to wear over the Christmas period. With snowflakes and Christmas trees, it’s a proper Christmas jumper and it’ll make a super present for all ages.

Batman Christmas Jumpers

 Official Batman Christmas jumper
At Just Geek, we offer two official Batman Christmas jumpers. The Official Batman Christmas jumper showcases the historic Batman logo right at the forefront, with Christmas themed graphics surrounding it. You’ll be able to look just like the amazing Bruce Wayne, wearing this cool and fashionable DC Comics product.
The Official Batman vs Joker Christmas jumper features the terrific confrontation between two DC characters - The Dark Knight and The Joker. With subtle Batman details and lovely snowflakes scattered throughout, this is a top jumper to choose to keep you warm during the cold, wintery festive season.
 Official Batman vs Joker Christmas jumper

Searching for the Best Christmas Jumpers to Buy in 2022?

With 2022 Christmas coming up very soon, now is the perfect time to buy Christmas jumpers for all your loved ones. Whether your family member or friend is a massive Batman fan and wants a Batman-themed jumper, or is a major Star Wars geek and would like a jumper with cute Baby Yoda on it, Just Geek has just what you’re after. We sell the best Christmas Jumpers in 2022, with a vast array of brands available.
Alongside all the ones we’ve mentioned above, we also stock jumpers from The Big Bang Theory, The Beatles, Friends, Halo, Jaws, PlayStation, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more. We stock a huge number of sizes ranging from XS up to 4XL and 5XL, so whatever your sizing needs and requirements, we’ve got you fully covered. Likewise, our prices are unbeatable - so you can get your hands on the latest geeky gaming Christmas jumpers for much less than anywhere else.
With regular discounts across our stock, free shipping on all orders over £50 and payment options including Shop Now Pay Later, Just Geek is the number one online destination for all trendy Christmas Jumpers. Visit our website to browse all of our products; if you would like to get in contact, please email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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