Quarter Arcades' Latest Release: QIX & Bubble Bobble

by Matthew Wrightson

Quarter Arcades from Numskull, renowned for meticulous attention to detail and dedication to preserving the retro arcade scene, has recently launched two releases from the golden age of gaming. 1980s gaming legends, QIX and Bubble Bobble. Qix is a new cabinet to join the range and Bubble Bobble is making it’s return. 

These ¼ scale wooden replicas of classic arcade cabinets have stirred significant excitement among retro gamers and arcade collectors. This article delves into the essential aspects of these releases, highlighting their unique features and appeal for fans far and wide. 

Quarter Arcades' commitment to authenticity is truly evident in the creation of ¼ scale wooden replicas. These mini scaled versions of the original Taito iconic QIX and Bubble Bobble arcade machines are crafted with precision, ensuring that every detail matches the original. Their reduced size makes them perfect for collectors who may not have the space for full-sized cabinets but still want to enjoy the nostalgic feel of an arcade in their home. 

The QIX cabinet measures approximately 17 inches in height and whilst shorter than original's towering presence, it retains the same design, artwork, and build. The Bubble Bobble replica cabinet similarly captures the vibrant colours, unique characters of Bub and Bob and the whimsical artwork that made the game a favourite among gamers in the 1980s. These replicas serve not only as functional gaming machines but also as beautiful display pieces that evoke memories of a bygone era. 

One of the standout features of Quarter Arcades' releases is that each cabinet is hand-built during its production. This specialised approach ensures a high level of quality and craftsmanship that other mass-produced items often lack. Great care is taken to assemble each unit, paying close attention to assembling every component, from the wooden panels to the electronic internals. 

This hand-built quality approach is a significant draw for collectors who value the authenticity of a hand-built machine like the original. Each QIX and Bubble Bobble cabinet undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring that they not only look the part but also function in terms of the gameplay too. The tactile feel of the controls, the responsiveness of the buttons, and the clarity of the screen all contribute to an authentic gaming experience that mirrors the original arcade machines. 


Quarter Arcades prides itself on creating replicas that are a 100% match to the original arcade machines. This means that every aspect, from the artwork to the gameplay mechanics, is faithfully reproduced. The QIX cabinet, for instance, features the same distinct geometric patterns on the artwork and challenging gameplay that made it popular for fans in arcades. The Bubble Bobble cabinet, with its charming dragons Bub and Bob and cooperative gameplay, provides an experience that matches the original, just ¼ of the scale (not size). 


To achieve this level of accuracy, Quarter Arcades uses official publisher references from Taito and high-resolution scans, plus supporting photography of the original artwork and cabinet itself. This ensures that every detail, down to the smallest decal, is reproduced with close precision. Additionally, the internal hardware is carefully sourced and configured to replicate the original gaming experience, including the original arcade classical game ROM, 

Quarter Arcades' latest releases, QIX and Bubble Bobble, are welcome additions to any retro gamer's collection and game room setup. These high-quality ¼ scale wooden replicas with hand-built construction and 100% arcade accuracy matched to the original arcade machines make them exceptional pieces of gaming history and perfect collector items.  

The cabinets not only offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also serve as beautifully crafted collectables that stand the test of time. 

For retro gamers and arcade collectors looking to delve deeper, exploring Quarter Arcades' full range of products and reading reviews from other collectors can provide further insights. 

 In addition, join the Official Quarter Arcades Fan Group for more daily chat and nostalgia conversations around the arcade scene: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quarterarcades 


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