The Greatest Gift Guide for Geeky Graduates

by Matthew Wrightson
Need a reminder to grab that picture-perfect gift in time for results day? Well—this is it!
With the long-awaited outcome of (what we’re sure felt like endless) hours upon hours of reading, writing and revising for those important exams arriving this month, there’s never been a better time to lock down that well-deserved reward for the geeky student in your life! So, sit back, scroll and let us do the work for you with our handy guide.


10. T-Shirts, T-shirts and more T-shirts!

If you’re struggling to think of a geeky gift, sometimes the most straightforward and simple ones are the best, and you can’t get any more straightforward than a t-shirt! With our Super Hot T-Shirt Sale live right now, there’s also never been a better time to snag a bargain with the likes of Pokémon, Star Wars, Spider-Man and Skyrim available at prices so low they’re a complete steal! Who said you can’t grab a cool gift on a budget?


9. Pin Kings

If you want them to feel like royalty after getting their results there’s no better way to do that than giving them a badge of honour—literally! These vibrant Pin Kings badges are a surefire way to add a geeky twist to their coats, bags and accessories! Plus, at 3 for 2 on the whole range, it’s a no-brainer!


8. Plushies

After a stressful session of studying for exams, there’s nothing quite like settling in for the night with a cute cuddly sidekick no matter how old you are! Whether your giftee would prefer to snuggle up with Pikachu and Mario or Destiny’s strangely adorable Hive Worm or Fallen Baby, we’ve got a plush for them.


7. Sunglasses

After working hard on their studies, we know a lot of students probably haven’t had much time to really soak up the sunshine, which is why a new pair of shades is exactly what they need to mark the end of their struggle! With lightweight comfortable frames alongside colourful statement designs, at 50% off with any other product on site, this is a wonderful way to zap some pop culture into their outfit.


6. Gift Cards

Before we crack the top five, we know that sometimes you just don’t know what gift to buy someone. Not sure if they’re into Batman anymore? Think they prefer Marvel but you’re not one hundred percent sure? That’s totally fine! We understand that you might not want to take the risk of getting something your graduate doesn’t like. No need to panic, breathe, grab a gift card and pat yourself on the back.



Tubbz Collection
Duck + Cosplay = Epic
This is an easy win. If you’ve been searching for something on the quirky side, TUBBZ will not let you down. Featuring a huge range of ducks cosplaying as characters from popular TV shows—ahem, Stranger Things—movies and video games, these weird and wonderful waddling companions are a great unique gift!


4. CosCups

If TUBBZ doesn’t quite float your boat, may I present to you, CosCups! High-quality ceramic with a premium silicone sleeve, these cups bring your favourite characters to the kitchen and can hold hot or cold drinks while keeping them at the optimal temperature! Is it a novelty item? Sure. Will your geeky giftie like them? Definitely!


3. Power Idolz

Does the receiver of your graduate gift tend to be glued to their phone most of the day? Do they love to geek out with gadgets? Our Power Idolz hit two birds with one charging dock! Rocking a retro case design stand with themed arms and legs, these fast wireless chargers are the best way to celebrate their love for both pop culture and the latest technology! Plus, it’ll look pretty sweet on their desk.


2. Gaming Lockers

Gaming Locker
What better way to honour all of the blood, sweat and tears spent studying than with an upgrade to their gaming loadout? With a variety of styles including Ghostbusters, Batman, Xbox, PS5 Inspired and more, by snagging one of these bad boys they can settle in for a gaming session with a slick new setup they’ll be proud of.


1. Quarter Arcades

Quarter Arcade
Want to get a gift so epic they’ll never forget it? If so, it’s time to bring the life and soul of gaming home with a quarter-sized replica arcade cabinet! Created with meticulous care and attention to replicate each respective cabinet with utmost accuracy, each arcade is a precise replica from the wooden shell and artwork to every button and joy con! With the likes of Ms. Pac-Man and Bubble Bobble, not only is this a fantastic showpiece for their room but it’s also fully functional with an original arcade ROM so they can play and let off some steam with some well-earned downtime.
Nothing on the list catching your eye? Or maybe you want something a little extra? We have all you need at with a huge selection of the very best TV, film and videogame merchandise at a price you’ll love.

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Featured product

Quarter Arcades Wallpaper
Quarter Arcades Wallpaper
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Quarter Arcades Sticker Set
Quarter Arcades Sticker Set