Gifts For A Geek: 3 Geeky Valentine's Day Gifts to Show Your Love

by Matthew Wrightson

As the season for romance is drawing near, people are starting to look and find the right presents for their loved ones. 14th February marks a glorious event where we can express our gratitude and love for those who are very dear to us.

Just Geek rises as the ideal companion to make all your special occasions ones that you remember for years to come. Well, if you’re looking for something unique and special to give this year then why not geeky?

When it comes to gifts for a geek, Just Geek is your one-stop solution. We are the king of Geeky gifts and the pop culture world due to our extensive assortment of fandom-valued items and collectables. 

Looking for ideal Valentine’s Day gifts in the UK? Dive into our stunning collection of merchandise and figurines. From practical to plain yet fun, our gifts for geeks and nerds in the UK are ones that you shouldn't miss this Valentine’s Day. 

We promise you our collection will have you coming back for more!

Without any further ado, let’s open the door to geeky adventures and explore our extensive collection of all things geeky!

While at it, if you’d like to buy a nerdy Valentine's gift today, head to the Just Geek online store. Our collection might be contagious but hey, we warned you!

Tips To Ace Gifting For A Geek

Before you start shopping for gifts for a geek, there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether you're looking for gift ideas for a geeky boyfriend or Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend, these tips will make your life easier.

First of all, make sure you have a rough estimate of your budget. Valentine’s gifts don't have to be expensive - even a small item such as a CosCup or collectible can be really meaningful. 

Along with this, do take into consideration the recipient’s interests and passions as this will simplify your process of finding the right gift for them. The best and most unique gifts are the ones that truly show you know what the person loves and you’re willing to put in the effort to get something meaningful for them. 

Additionally, don’t forget to add a personal touch when finding gifts for a geek. For instance, adding a well-written handwritten note or a framed photo of your loved ones could be a brilliant idea to work with. 

Gifts For Geeks and Nerds Available in The UK

1. Just Geek’s TUBBZ Collectibles

gifts for geeks and nerds uk, Say it with love and TUBBZ collectibles

TUBBZ combines your favourite movie, TV, gaming and anime characters with a rubber duck, making a delightfully geeky collectible. One of the best geeky Valentine’s gifts to buy this year is undoubtedly the Cupid TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible. This is a limited edition collectible designed and manufactured by Numskull Designs.

It depicts the God of Love himself, Cupid TUBBZ in a glorious duck form. He’s shown with his wings in place and a set of bow and arrows at the ready. It comes in a quality display box, which you can stack on top of other TUBBZ. It’s a must-have for any TUBBZ fan who is looking to add to their collection.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a geeky boyfriend, we would highly recommend getting your hands on this limited edition before it runs out of stock!

2. Just Geek’s Home and Office

gift ideas for geeky boyfriend, geeky gifts for your boyfriend

Home and office gifts are also a fantastic choice of Valentine’s present for a loved one. For instance, the Official PlayStation Icons Light is a great choice of gift. It’s a stylish, eye-catching light that makes a perfect addition to any PlayStation fan’s home. 

It’s ideal for use as a nightlight or as a decorative piece to show off your PlayStation pride. The light features the iconic PlayStation buttons rendered in soft light, each lit up in different colours.

Powered by a USC cable or three AAA batteries, this piece can be easily mounted to your wall or placed on any flat surface. What’s more, is that this collection is officially licensed, meaning you can be rest assured you’re getting the best quality light to show off your love of PlayStation. No wonder this is the best gift for geeks and nerds in the UK, especially if they are ardent PlayStation fans!

3. Just Geek’s Plushies

valentine's day gifts for girlfriend, gifts for your geeky girlfriend

Plushies are also a lovely Valentine’s home gift to give. We stock a vast selection of adorable plushies inspired by the most popular movie and gaming characters. Gaining popularity for the best Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend, Just Geek’s extensive range of Plushies will leave you wanting more!

For instance, our Official Destiny Ikora Plush makes a great gift for any fan of the popular game. The soft and cuddly construction makes it perfect for snuggling up with. If you’re into the maddening world of Minions, behold we’re going bananas for Bob’s new look. Bob TUBBZ Plushie is a popular cosplaying rubber duck character that is now available in cuddly plush form. This softer look suits Bob perfectly and he’s utterly adorable!

Collect all of your favourite characters' plushies and show your love with these cute plushies this Valentine’s.

Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nerds

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