Celebrating the Evolution of Mario From 8-Bit to Icon on Mario Day

by Alex Robinson

If you are an ardent video gamer, you may already know who the plump, moustachioed Italian plumber is. The character who captured the hearts of every ardent gamer back in the 90s, making it an absolute classic!

What started as an 8-bit icon has now become an iconic part of pop culture and the video game world, recognised by fellow gamers and lovers across the globe. 

Affectionately known as Mario Day in the UK, March 10th is a special day for fans of this Italian plumber as they celebrate the evolution of a renowned character who has defined the gaming genre. 

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To celebrate this exciting occasion, our team at Just Geek has worked immensely hard to understand the remarkable evolution of everyone’s favourite character, Mario. 

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Mario’s Origin

Mario Day, Official Nintendo: Donkey Kong Retro TV mug at Just Geek

In the year 1981, the world first witnessed Mario as a ‘Jumpman’ as part of an arcade game famously called Donkey Kong. It's no surprise that this game was developed by Nintendo and featured our all-time favourite Mario rescuing the damsel in distress, Pauline from a giant spooky-looking monkey. 

The game’s success laid the groundwork for Mario’s character, which would later become ‘Mario Bros’ in 1983 as we all witnessed Mario as the infamous plumber here. The game featured Luigi, Mario’s brother, and introduced us to the Mushroom Kingdom. 

This fantastic world would become the foundation for Mario’s origin and serves as a reminder for countless future adventures this gaming saga offers its fans. 

The world of 8-bit Gaming

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When ‘Super Mario Bros’ was released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Mario's domination in the platforming genre officially began. ‘Super Mario Bros.’ became a critical and economic success, selling over 40 million copies worldwide thanks to its precise controls, high levels of creativity and catchy soundtrack. 

Many franchise mainstays, like warp pipes, power-ups, and the antagonist Bowser, were first seen in this game. Mario won over millions of admirers with his repeated theme of rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches. 

In fact, the game was a staple for every kid and adult in the 90s, captivated by its storyline and addictive gameplay. Grab your favourite merchandise from Just Geek and elevate the madness of Mario Day!

Mario Taps Into the 3D

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Mario's 1996 release of ‘Super Mario 64’ for the Nintendo 64 was a revolutionary turning point in the history of video games as it ventured into the world of 3D gaming. 

The game redefined the platforming genre by providing unmatched movement flexibility in a fully realised 3D environment. Moreover, Super Mario 64 established the foundation for upcoming 3D games in the series while showcasing Nintendo's inventive game design and Mario's adaptability as a character. This was a great opportunity for the Nintendo universe considering the rise of 3D in early 2000. 

Celebrating Mario Day 2024

So, what is Mario Day? It’s exactly what it sounds like! This day involves fans celebrating by playing their favourite Mario games, dressing up as characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, and participating in various events hosted by Nintendo and gaming communities.

It's a day to reflect on Mario's journey from an 8-bit character to a global icon, acknowledging the joy he has brought to millions of people. Mario's evolution is a testament to the creativity and passion that defines the video gaming industry. 

As we celebrate Mario Day, we not only honour a character but the enduring legacy of a franchise that continues to inspire and entertain. 

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