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    Get the Fiercest Tekken TUBBZ at Just Geek Today!

    Get ready to fight! The iconic Tekken characters, who are ready to battle till they die, have transformed into ducks. These ducks have the perfect balance of menace and are bound to be a great addition to your collection. Order these Tekken rubber ducks from Just Geek today and let them fight with each other! Some Tekken TUBBZ include Kazuya Mishima as a devil duck, Jin Kazama as a samurai duck, and Heiachi Mishima as a traditional Japanese onsen duck. However, you must note that these figurines tend to have limited stock and if they sell out from our website, you may not see them at our store again for a long time. Therefore, to avoid any regrets later, get the Tekken TUBBZ before they sell out at Just Geek today!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    While you may spend time learning various moves and combos in Tekken, take a step back and show your appreciation for the franchise in other forms. If you’re looking to do that, getting officially licensed Tekken TUBBZ from Just Geek is your best option. Not only that, but we also offer a wide range of merchandise from Tekken and other beloved video game franchises. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy many geek goodies and collectibles, Just Geek is the place for you. Show your love for the Tekken series by adding these rubber ducks to your collection. But beware! We have limited stock, meaning you may find it difficult to get your favourite demons and fighters once they are sold out. Don’t miss out and get the Tekken TUBBZ from Just Geek today!