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    Collect These Ducks in Disguise with Transformers TUBBZ from Just Geek Today!

    Is it a car or a duck? Who knows? These transformers are ready to fight evil and battle it out. As one of the most iconic childhood Transformers is one of the most iconic franchises people have grown up with, and the love for the shows and movies has been there. Therefore, if you’re a fan of cars turning into fighting robots, Just Geek offers the Transformers TUBBZ for you! Get iconic heroes like Optimus Prime as a rubber duck, all geared up to fight to gain peace and control over the universe. You can choose to have an epic good vs evil battle in your bathtub, as we also our Transformers TUBBZ collection also features villains like Megatron. However, these Transformers TUBBZ have limited stock, and it may get difficult to find them again once they sell out. Don’t waste time and get these Transformers TUBBZ from Just Geek today!

    Why Choose Just Geek?

    Whether you’re a fan of Autobots who protect civilians, or Unicron looking to destroy, we’ve got something for you at Just Geek. You can find a wide range of official merch and rare collectibles like Transformers TUBBZ to help you show some love to a part of your childhood. You can also find a wide range of geeky products from other TV shows, movies, and video games here too! In other words, if you’re looking to fulfil your geeky desires in one spot, Just Geek is the perfect place for you! Don’t miss out and get products like the Transformers TUBBZ at Just Geek today!