Over 30 Years Later: How Jurassic Park Changed the Film Industry Forever

by Alex Robinson

With the release of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park-1993, the film industry underwent a massive upheaval. The Jurassic Park films weren't simply another box office success. 

Rather, it was a revolutionary event that changed the course of the movie industry for years to come. The movie was essential to take the forefront of changing and redefining the way directors now approach audience participation, visual effects and storytelling. 

At Just Geek, our entire team is a big-time fan of the Jurassic Park films, which is precisely why we have examined the influence of this movie over the years. 

Even after over 30 years, this movie holds a strong standing in the film industry, indicating its remarkable storytelling and direction. In this blog, we explore the lasting impact the Jurassic Park films have had on the movie industry. 

Let's examine!

Leap in Special Effects and CGI

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The Jurassic Park Film's groundbreaking use of special effects and computer-generated imagery was key to the film's transformative impact.

Before the movie was introduced, CGI was considered a new and auxiliary tool as conventional effects were considered superior. 

Spielberg, on the other hand, brought an unparalleled degree of realism to his concept of a planet populated by dinosaurs. To do this, Jurassic Park Films largely used unprecedented levels of advanced animatronics, real effects and computer graphics.

The outcome was astounding! The audiences believed in dinosaurs and were immensely involved in the entire story set in Jurassic Park Island. The Jurassic Park film redefined the bar for realism in cinema by skillfully fusing computer-generated imagery with practical effects, inspiring subsequent directors to push the limits of digital technology.

Defining Expectations at the Box Office

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A commercial juggernaut, the Jurassic Park Films broke box office records worldwide. Irrespective of the Jurassic Park movie order or sequence, the films were the first to ever earn over 712 million pounds at the box office globally, a statistic that demonstrated the enormous potential of these films. 

Owing to its popularity, big-budget films now aspire for enormous financial returns in addition to critical recognition, ushering in the current blockbuster age. 

Following this trend, studios started making significant investments in high-concept films because they were sure they would draw sizable international audiences.

Impacting a New Wave of Filmmakers

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The impact of the Jurassic Park Films goes much beyond its technological prowess and box office performance. It served as an inspiration for a generation of filmmakers by highlighting the value of pushing the boundaries and the potency of visual narrative

James Cameron and Peter Jackson, among other directors, have acknowledged Jurassic Park as a major inspiration for their work, particularly in terms of using computer graphics to realise their ambitions. 

The movie demonstrated how technology can be utilised to portray stories more deeply and emotionally, rather than merely as a gimmick.

Shifting the Expectations of the Audience

Owing to the new standard the movie set for realism and immersion, moviegoers now want more from their visual effects. Now, filmmakers and studios are always innovating to meet and go beyond the high standards set by the need for superior effects. 

Thanks to Jurassic Park’s popularity, viewers were ready and awaiting new experiences - ready to be transported to uncharted territory.

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Establishing a Multimedia Enterprise

The enormous popularity of Jurassic Park films not only revolutionised the movie game but also gave rise to a vast multi-media empire. Its success went beyond the big screen, as it established a comprehensive franchise model that combines video games, merchandising, sequels and theme park attractions to create an immersive universe that fans can explore. 

This design, which has evolved into an industry standard, shows the enormous potential for cinema concepts to become big, multi-platform storylines. 

Even still today studios want to imitate this strategy as they understand how important it is. The ultimate goal is to develop a world that keeps viewers interested long after they watch it. This guarantees continued relevance and financial success in a constantly changing entertainment market.

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