3 Geeky Decor You Should Consider Adding To Your Desk

by Alex Robinson

If you’re a geek enthusiast, we believe that your desk should showcase your interest and personality. After all, you probably spend a lot of time at your desk and adding some geeky decor can make daily life more inspiring and enjoyable. 

Fortunately, you can find geeky decor in many shapes and sizes, and you’re bound to find something that resonates with you. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or a favourite sitcom, there’s something for everyone at Just Geek. 

The Just Geek store offers a wide range of geeky desk decor that it bound to bring more life to your desk. However, with a massive number of choices come tough decisions, and it can get overwhelming to choose something cool from our extensive collection of accessories. 

To make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of geeky decor items that we think would be the best for your desk. We’ve chosen items that is bound to leave people and yourself impressed and intrigued. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Official Pac-Man Ghost Desk Light

geeky desk accessories, Pac-Man light placed on a desk

Pac-Man was an iconic part of many of our childhood, and we could never forget the thrill of running away from the ghost. Due to this, we think that the official Pac-Man ghost desk light could be the perfect addition to your desk. This desk light is beautiful and is bound to bring out feelings of nostalgia and remind you of your favourite childhood memories

While this desk light provides a lot of sentimental value, it’s also a quirky way to light up your home or workspace. The desk light provides a soft and ambient glow, which helps to bring a more relaxing atmosphere, especially if you’re working in low-light conditions. 

Overall, this Pac-Man ghost light is a great way to bring your personality and interest to your desk. It’s also a functional items which can provide you with much-need light to your space while bringing a more playful touch to your surroundings. Order the Pac-Man ghost desk light before they sell out on the Just Geek Store. 

2. Ghostbuster CosCup

geeky desk accessories, venkman coscup on a desk

Another clever way to bring a more geeky interesting to your desk is through CosCups. For those who don’t know, CosCups are reusable cups made out of high-quality ceramic and cosplay characters from your favourite TV shows, movies, video games, and more. 

While there are a wide variety of CosCups on the Just Geek store, we have decide to pick the Stay Puft Ghostbusters CosCup for this article. Ghostbusters is an iconic franchise and adding this CosCup to your desk is a great way to show some love to the classic

Additionally, the cosplay cup will allow you to hold more drink and snacks while you’re sitting at your desk working. This is especially useful if you have spend many hours at your desk and need to stay hydrated throughout the day. 


geeky desk decorations, Rachel Greene TUBBZ duck collectible

Another geeky way to spice up your desk is by adding some rare collectibles on it. It showcases your enthusiasm of collecting rare pop culture items and make your desk more enjoyable and inspiring. One of the best ways to add some collectibles on your desk is through TUBBZ. 

TUBBZ are cosplaying rubber ducks that love to dress up as your favourite characters from TV shows, video games, movies and more. These ducks won’t take up too much space, meaning they could be the perfect addition to bring more personality to your desk. 

We’ve personally chosen TUBBZ from the iconic TV show FRIENDS, featuring your favourite characters like Chandler Bing and Rachel Green as ducks. These TUBBZ are adorable and is bound to make your desk more personalised and enjoyable. However, these ducks have limited stock, and you may not find them at our store once they sell out. Don’t miss out and get them from Just Geek today!

Choose Just Geek for Geeky Desk Decor Today!

This sums up our list of geeky desk decor that you should consider getting for your home or workspace. These items are bound to bring more personality to your home, making daily tasks more enjoyable. However, these aren’t the only items we have on offer at our geeky online store. 

You can find a wide range of collectibles and other geeky desk decor at our store. Find a wide selection of items from your favourite TV shows, movies, video games and more all at one spot! 

On top of that, purchasing from our website allows you to collect Just Geek Elite points, giving you access to exclusive discounts and items. Don’t miss out and start collecting at Just Geek today!

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