Time to Celebrate: 3 Unique Celebration Ideas for Father's Day with JustGeek

by Alex Robinson


father's day, a Batman figurine

Father’s Day is almost here, and our beloved geeky dads are about to level up!

If you have a geeky dad who has a deep passion for all things nerdy, techy and delightfully geeky, you need to celebrate Father’s Day in a way that truly honours him. If your geeky dad is the type to proudly display his extensive comic book collections, solve Rubik’s cubes in minutes or engage in epic lightsaber battles, a boring gift will not do. 

At Just Geek, we believe that celebrating Father’s Day with your geeky dad is truly special. Forget the conventional socks, let’s think outside the box! For instance, treat him to an epic Star Wars movie marathon or go on a mission to construct the ultimate DIY gadget that would make Tony Stark proud. 

The key to having the best Father’s Day is to tap into his geeky passions and offer him an experience that reflects his interests. Whether you want to go on a father-son bonding adventure or prefer the gift-giving approach, the goal is to put a smile on his face and show him how special he is. 

If you need some ideas for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we offer our geeky insights to help you plan the perfect way to celebrate your geeky dad. 

3 Uniquely Geeky Ideas for Father’s Day 

1. Let Your Dad Channel His Inner Flash

ideas for fathers day, a pair of sunglasses


If your dad is a proud member of The Flash fandom, it’s time to let him unleash his inner speedster on Father’s Day. How, you ask? With our Official “The Flash” Sunglasses, of course!

Picture this - you and your dad are strutting down the streets like superheroes, with the wind in your hair and those lightning bolt shades on your faces. You’d be the envy of all mere mortals in the neighbourhood.

With these epic shades, you can go anywhere together and make it fun. Turn your mundane errands into epic quests by heading to the grocery store and making a “Flash Dash”, where you try to complete the shopping list in record time. 

There’s more - why not take your lightning-powered duo to a go-karting track? Unleash your need for speed as you zip through the lanes, leaving awestruck onlookers in your wake. Then, cap off the day with a dinner fit for champions. Whether he prefers some flash-fried steak or some speedster spaghetti, the meal may not grant you superhuman speed, but it will provide superhuman satisfaction. 


2. Travel to Wakanda Together


father's day gifts, a Black Panther themed wallet


If you need some Marvel-themed ideas for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered. There is no better gift in the world for a true Marvel fan than our Black Panther “Wakanda Forever” wallet. It’s the perfect gift to make your dad feel like the king of Wakanda on Father’s Day. 

With this regal accessory, the possibilities for an adventure fuelled Father’s Day are as vast as the Kingdom of Wakanda itself! For instance, get together with Dad and take a trip to the local arcade. Let your dad showcase his superhero gaming abilities and challenge him to a series of intense battles. From racing games to hack-and-slash ones, watch as the wallet-wielding hero dominates the leaderboard, declaring “Wakanda Forever!” with each victory. 

Next in line is a shopping spree. Take your dad to his favourite stores and let him bask in the glory of the finest gadgets, geeky items or even a vibranium-themed accessory or two. Besides, in this way, he can flaunt his cool new Black Panther wallet at every transaction. 

End the day with an epic, Black Panther movie marathon at home. You can also make it a themed party for the two of you by dressing up as fellow Wakanda inhabitants. Create a Wakanda-inspired snack bar to go along with your movies and prepare to cheer your way through the movie binge-fest!


3. Who You Gonna Call? Dadbusters!


ideas for fathers day, a charging mat


If your dad is a fan of the paranormal and has a deep passion for things that go bump in the night, our Ghostbusters Charging Mat is the best Father’s Day gift for him. As a classic supernatural movie franchise, your dad is likely to have grown up watching these films. This is why, if you need some unique ideas for Father’s Day, take our advice and make it all about the spirit world.

For example, plan a Ghostbusters-themed scavenger hunt throughout the house. Embark on a hilarious quest to capture and charge every device, armed with the Ghostbusters Charging Mat and smartphones that act as your personal PKE meters. Watch as your dad transforms into the ultimate Ghostbuster, tracking down phones, tablets and even the occasional remote control.

To take it up a notch, dress up as fellow Ghostbusters and create your own hilarious rituals every time you successfully capture a device. Celebrate each victory with a dance and a dose of laughter, as your dad relives his glory days of battling supernatural forces. 

Celebrate Father’s Day by Getting as Geeky as You Can With Just Geek!

Your dad is your hero, which is why it is important to celebrate him and let him know how special he is. Just like he brings a dose of quirkiness and creativity to his parenting game, this Father’s Day, it’s time for you to step up and do something fun for your geeky dad.

At Just Geek, we understand the heart of every geeky fan out there. Whether it’s Star Wars, Friends or Stranger Things, we have it all. From intricately designed figurines to special collectibles and official merch, it’s like stepping into geeky paradise! 

Start shopping now to make this Father’s Day a little extra special. Earn Geek Elite points the more you shop and get epic deals and discounts. 

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